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MaggiStar 05-18-2010 08:28 AM

Crop or not?
Ok i recently began lessons off a new instructer to the area she is great all arena stuff until we went out cross country.

She DEMANDED i brought a crop out cross country and i was not going out without one. I have never used a crop EVER on this particular horse there is just no need she is so sensitive that iv never kicked her all i do is squeeze.

I explained that to my instructer that i didnt feel comfortable using a stick when it was not needed.
She replied you dont go cross country with out a crop now never mind that iv competed this horse every weekend and yet am to need a crop she is just an eager to please foreward going horse.

The resultant was she only let me jump childrens jumps as there was no point taking a risk with out a crop. This highly insulted me firstly i know my horse and i know her limits if after 4years im yet to need a crop in her i think its pretty safe to say i know how to handle and deal with her.

What would you have done in the situation?? My parents think i should have given in and taken the crop even though it went against my principles and my horses training.

iridehorses 05-18-2010 08:33 AM

There is nothing wrong with having a crop with you - you don't have to use it but it's good to know how to handle it. Although your horse may not need it, others you ride may and it's a good aid to be able to call on when you need it. There is nothing cruel about a crop - only the hands of an uneducated rider.

maura 05-18-2010 09:11 AM

I carry a crop on every horse no matter what. It's a sound training principle.

One of my horses (the bay in my album) was extremely sensitive and very brave and forward and never needed it, but I carried it anyway on the off chance that in front of a strange or unfamiliar fence he would suck back behind my leg. It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

So, yes, I think you should have gone ahead and taken one whether you thought you needed it or not. In a perfect world, your instructor should have done a better job of explaining her reasoning to you.

themacpack 05-18-2010 09:49 AM

ITA with both the above. Take the crop and stop making a big deal of it.

Speed Racer 05-18-2010 09:56 AM

I agree with iride, maura and mac.

If your instructor requires you to carry one, then you carry one. You don't have to use it.

I carry one pretty much every ride, and have for years. I've rarely used it, but once in a great while it comes in handy.

It's merely a tool, not an instrument of torture.

Plus, it's good to learn how to carry one in either hand while riding. It's a skill you may need at some point.

justsambam08 05-18-2010 10:00 AM

I see both points here--why should you have to carry one, but she is the instructor. While I personally think it would have been better to let you go at the CC course on the off chance I was proven right--that you need a crop (as the instructor), its her perrogative to do what she wants, since you're paying for her instruction. If you don't like it, find someone else!

MaggiStar 05-18-2010 11:25 AM

Take the crop and stop making a big deal of it.

themacpack-it is a deal to me. I would rather my horse responded instantly off my leg every single time then resorting to a crop.

I do use them on my othere horses as they require one but to me if as the rider you know you dont need certain tools to ride your horse why should they be forced on you?

My horse came from a VERY spoilt back round she never had to do anything she didnt want so originally i have used aids on her but no there not needed and i just dont understand why i MUST use one?

If i was proved wrong that she refused etc etc I would be the first to say ok give me the crop.

BUT 99% of refusals are riders fault so if your horse refused the same fence and you had a crop on your hand chances are you are going to use where as if its not there your first reaction is to change yourself.

Like i dont dislike crops themselves i use both crops and spurs on a lot of my horses but they require the extra aids that was my issue. I have never required them so why use them.

Iv competed everywhere and am yet to need them on this horse.

So what is it with instructers feeling that crops are neccessary to get around somewhere clear?

gypsygirl 05-18-2010 11:33 AM

she didnt say you had to use it, just carry it. it is especially good to have on xc, because you need to be sure that your horse is reponding to your aids right when you give them. no one thinks you need to use your crop to have a clear round, but its good to have one just in case you need it.

dont go to war with out your weapons !

MaggiStar 05-18-2010 11:40 AM

I know where your all coming from on certain of my horses i take no where with out a crop ever. But if i have competed everyweekned for 3years with no crop and no problem(the instructer knows this) surely i should be able to go into my own cross country course with no crop.

Ok if we went somewhere new and big ye i probably would have humoured her, But in my own house thats ridiculous!!

justsambam08 05-18-2010 11:42 AM

I think it would be one thing if she argued that you had to USE it, but 99% of the time, simply carrying the crop in the first place will cut out any refusals you may have. ESPECIALLY if she comes from a "spoiled" background, why would you take the chance that she might throw a hissy fit and refuse?

Since we're arguing about tools, why use reins, or a bit, or a saddle? If you're really that great of a rider to be arguing about what your instructor tells you to do, go out there with no tack holding onto the mane and see how many jumps you can stay on for.

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