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riccil0ve 05-18-2010 02:17 PM

Why won't he leave me alone?
I just need to vent a bit.

I've been with this guy for over two years, and yesterday, he up and got all pissy for god knows what reason. I mean really, just freaks out on me over text messages [!] saying all this crap and breaks up with me. As a note, I'm 20, he is 24. [I think he forgot about the part where he graduated high school.] o_O

Fine. Whatever. Be a ridiculous jerk if that's what you want, but you will NOT be a ridiculous jerk with me. I'm done, I'm fed up, I'm not playing his games anymore. Go me, right?!

But this stupid boy won't leave me alone! He keeps texting me, keeps calling, I can't go about blocking his number [although I blocked him on MSN and Facebook] until I can talk to my mom [I'm still on her account.]

But seriously, in the last two minutes that it took to type this up, he called 13 times, and has sent like ten text messages. My phone is about to explode as I speak. Wtf? Considering HE ended it, don't you think he'd be willing to accept that it's over?

And really, things have not been going well. Well, they were going great a week ago, he was being really sweet, took me to the zoo, knowing it's my favorite place, and then all of a sudden he just loses it? It's like every time he did something really nice for me, he had to do something fifty times worse.

Now, he's blocking his number so it comes up unknown. Really? Ugh, he's making me regret the whole relationship. We were supposed to go on vacation in the fall, I had already given him $200 to go towards plane tickets and he's saying he won't give it back, but honestly? I think $200 is worth getting rid of him.

This whole thing makes it seem like we're 12. Maybe he is, but I'm not!

Oh! The icing on the cake! He just hacked my Facebook account. o_O

Speed Racer 05-18-2010 02:25 PM

It appears as if he's regretting breaking up with you.

Seems to me you've dodged a bullet. He sounds like whiny, immature control freak to me.

If you really and truly want him out of your life, it might be time to get tough.

Tell him if he doesn't leave you alone, you're going to take out a restraining order on him. Then do it if he calls your bluff.

riccil0ve 05-18-2010 02:43 PM

It's a tad impossible to get "tough," we work together. Well, I work in the bakery, he works in the pizza department at the same grocery store. Never, EVER date someone from the work place. EVER.

My FB was deleted, so that's cool, guess I didn't really need one anyways. =|

themacpack 05-18-2010 02:46 PM

Working in the same business does not mean you have to associate with him - at all. Nor does it mean you can't (because you SHOULD) get tough with him. The fact that you do work in the same place makes it more important that you draw a very firm line with him. He already has more access to you than an average ex would have by virtue of the workplace.

Speed Racer 05-18-2010 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by riccil0ve (Post 637000)
Never, EVER date someone from the work place. EVER.

I never have. I always thought it was a VERY bad idea.

An old and rather crude saying, but I've always lived by it: Don't **** where you eat.

Which to me means, don't date anyone you work with.

As mac said, just because you work in the same building doesn't mean you can't get tough with him if he won't stop harassing you.

mandiemayus 05-18-2010 02:48 PM

I just ended a relationship the same way. We were together two years...and it just hadn't been seeming to go well. He kept freaking out but then begging for my back the day after...And twice I did it. We ended it last wednesday and we haven't even talked since. He ended it childishly telling me he didnt want to be comitted anymore and I was like you know what he doesn't even deserve me at this point. He will get the message eventually but don't give in!

TaMMa89 05-18-2010 02:49 PM

I agree with SR, sounds he regrets breaking up with you. Or then perhaps wants just to harass you.

Anyways, that doesn't sound very sane behavior. Tell him to stop and if he doesn't, report him to police until it gets worse and perhaps dangerous.

halflinger 05-18-2010 03:05 PM

he shouldnt be allowed to harrass you,you wont have any problem finding a better guy..

Carleen 05-18-2010 05:07 PM

Oh dear, I agree with Speed Racer: tell him that if he doesn't stop, you're going to report him to the police. If he doesn't stop, then do it. Nothing will happen to him if it's just reported, however if he does end up doing worse, then it will be as easy as pie to get a restraining order on him should it come to that.
It doesn't sound to me like he regrets breaking up with you: I would never hack/delete the facebook account of someone I loved and/or at least wanted to give me a second chance.

riccil0ve 05-18-2010 11:41 PM

I think it's best just to ignore him. I think threatening him would only make it worse. I know this guy like the back of my hand, really. And no, he's not dangerous, if I ever thought for an instant he was, I would have ended it in a heartbeat and quit my job if I had to. I don't mess around with that. He's all talk, honestly. It's just more annoying than anything else. And I know he started this because I usually do give in and talk to him, and since I wasn't, he was taking it further and further. I haven't heard from him in about 3 hours though, so that's good. He did fix my Facebook too. It's just a childish tantrum, he'll get over it, I seriously doubt I meant much to him anyway. But still. Ugh.

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