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shanoona 05-19-2010 09:09 AM

Working from behind
Hi there :) The beginning of my story is there:
Now, to my problem :)
I can see great improvements of both Lisa and me. We got from sharp D ring:
to soft one:
She would stop easily from canter to walk only on voice and seat, she understands verbal aids (in translation :) ): go walk, go trot, go hop (4 canter), whoa (for stopping), and special aid for going faster (but still in one pace-for extending the trot, walk, or faster canter)> "šlape!" she listens to them for 99% in arena, 75% on trail rides. She goes well on the new bit, she has it now for a week and she started slowly to accept it very well.
And I have now question. Does he work from behind? I cannot recognize it in every situation and what's more, Lisa has is "over-built"(?)->she has her butt higher than whithers. The arena is slightly downhill. Here are recent pictures ( from Sunday and Monday)
<<my seat is terrible there :(

MyBoyPuck 05-20-2010 12:04 AM

He appears to be bracing in the neck area. With that tightness, he cannot be coming through from behind since the stiffness blocks it from getting completely through. The bit switch probably did some good. Just be make sure to be supple with your elbows so you don't unintentionally block the flow of energy. My horse always chews on the bit quietly when he's really through and not faking me out if that helps.

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