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imdreamin 01-25-2008 12:36 PM

Horse Chiropractic
Hi all. I just changed careers from being a people Chiropractor, to a full time Animal Chiropractor. I have been adjusting since I graduated but not full time. I would like some advice...I am looking to expand my business. What kind of advertising or information would you want on Horse Chiropractic. I have done some advertising with positive results, but I would like to help more horses and people improve their performance. Thanks and have a GREAT day.

Vidaloco 01-25-2008 06:43 PM

I would like to know how to tell if my horse needs a chiropractor. Are there things to look for, some sort of test I can do?

imdreamin 01-30-2008 03:26 PM

OK this is my flyer that I was going to Local horse farms.... Please tell me what you think

How do I know if my horse needs Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is simple: A mechanical solution for mechanical problems. It is a natural, drug-free adjunct to your animal's total health care. In conjunction with regular veterinary care, chiropractic can decrease pain, and add quality to your animal's performance, movement, and well being by restoring normal range of motion to your animal's joints. Chiropractic not only affects the joints in the spine, but also the nervous system that is encased in the spine.
Decreased level in performance/laziness(the nervous system supplies the body with energy)
Problems/difficulty executing desired movements
Behavioral changes(refusals, cinchy, bucking, etc)
Short striding, uneven strides, uneven shoe wear, forging
Diagnosed conditions, arthritis, degeneration etc.
Muscle imbalance, spasms or atrophy
Gait problems, cross-canter, difficult in collection, picking up leads
Injuries resulting from falls, training or other activities
Dr. Stacey Reynolds has had had horses for 25 years and has worked in many different aspects of the equine industry. She has ridden many disciplines and understands the importance of having your horse working and feeling its best. Dr. Reynolds specializes in equine adjusting and is also certified in other forms of equine rehabilitation such as; massage, acupressure, and Joint Yoga. She has been adjusting horses for 8 years and along with her human athletes, she believes that horses deserve the same benefits of chiropractic care and bodywork.
Any questions or to schedule your horse please call:
Stacey Reynolds D.C. 309-269-0317
**Equine Chiropractic does not replace regular veterinary care **

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