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Koolio 05-19-2010 11:50 PM

Zaldi Dressage Saddles in North America
Can anyone comment on Zaldi dressage saddles? Today I tried the Zaldi Premium the New Kent and liked them both very well. The leather is beautifully soft and they are both very comfortable and feel like they offer excellent support for a good riding position. The price tag on both saddles is quite high in Canada and I can't really determine whether or not they hold their value. I haven't been able to find any used saddles for sale (of these models) and the other general purpose used models I have found seem to be inexpensive. The only reference prices I have found are in Euros or British pounds. When I do the currency conversion, the prices here seem to be about 30-50% higher.

Can anyone tell me what these saddles go for in the US, or elsewhere in Canada? Are they worth it?

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