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armydogs 05-20-2010 11:59 PM

I have been goofing around on the internet since I really have nothing to do over here at the moment. I should probably quit looking, I keep finding things I like. Well, anyway, I came across an ad, that both my husband and I absolutely love. It is a mule. There was not much information about the mule except that she is a long yearling mare, and is very strong willed. I emailed the owner to ask more information about her. The email I received said she will turn 2 in August. She was imprinted at birth, and the trainer they had was supposed to continue the imprinting while they traveled. That did not happen, the trainer was scared of the mare. She has not had much done with her since the trainer no longer works there. She is strong willed (which I know to be a mule trait). She said she has really smooth gaits, and would be excellent for dressage. So, I guess my question there anyone that can give me information about mules on this board? How many years do they grow? What is the right age to start training her, after the ground work is done? Can mules do dressage? Is there anything that anyone can give me any guidance on her? I'm adding a few pictures so y'all can see her. I will be asking for video of her moving.

her as a baby with her momma
her daddy
her at 11 months old

kevinshorses 05-21-2010 12:34 AM

I would stay away from any mule described as "strong-willed".

love longears 05-21-2010 02:32 AM

Info on mules
Well I think it is obvious that Kevinshorses has not been around many mules, as they are all strong willed :) My husband and I raise, train and show mules and as with any animal, there are good ones and not so good ones. Mules are very smart. People confuse smart with being stubborn. For instance, a mule would never run itself to death, a horse will, mules won't run off the side of a cliff, a horse will if you ask him too. Mules will not do anything that would hurt them. If you are riding in tretcherous terrain, give your mule his head and watch how he will pick and choose where he steps, if he doesn't think he is headed in a safe direction, he will not go and nobody is going to make him either!! Mules are awesome, and a joy to ride. However, if you get one that is not already a finished good broke mule, then you are going to have to be the type of rider who is not afraid to let the mule know that you are the boss. No matter what it takes. If you get on a mule and he does something that makes you nervous and so you get off and put him away, then you are in trouble. Mules dont forget and from then on, that mule will pull the same whatever it was that got you to get off and put him away everytime you get him out. Guaranteed. You have to be an assertive rider. But you will love a mule. Go for it.

haviris 05-21-2010 11:03 AM

I think what would bother me is stressing that she is 'strong willed'. I'm not a mule expert, only had 3, and one of those was a pony mule that was more pasture art (I gave him to a boy that didn't have anything to ride). The other two I raised, still have one. They were both always great w/ me, the boy had more quirks. Sending them to a trainer ended up being a much bigger ordeal then I expected. We still have the molly, and she is awsome! My 11 year old nephew rides her, and claims her, he said he's a mule man now.

kevinshorses 05-21-2010 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by haviris (Post 639857)
I think what would bother me is stressing that she is 'strong willed'.

That was my thinking as well.

Deerly 05-22-2010 01:29 AM

Mules can do dressage! I just saw two adorable mules kick BUTT at a play date, they were beating out most of the horses in the events. They were jumping and running poles and barrels and being absolutely fantastic!

BarrelracingArabian 05-22-2010 01:46 AM

mules can do dressage deffinately there is a show on RFDTV that i believe was called how to train your mule or something along thoselines and one episode was dressage there was also a jumping episode aswell. I love mules but would probably never own one. Daddy is a big boy tho!! haha and shes a cutie

HooverH 05-22-2010 02:02 AM

I want a mule, but I want to do endurance some day. They can do anything a horse can do.

Deerly 05-22-2010 02:24 AM

I think I like hennys (sp?) more than I like mules. They are so small and cute with those giant ears!

xxBarry Godden 05-23-2010 08:23 AM

"Her at 11 months"

I just have to know - is that a huge mule or a very little guy?


Just in case your fella makes me real curious I am trying to remember all those adjectives:
clever, careful, strong willed, stubborn, long lived, good doer, up to weight
and Oh my! just look at those ears - and two of them.
No one mentioned the hearing was good too.

I can definitely see the attraction - pinch me please so that I wake up.

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