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MustangFriend 01-26-2008 08:41 AM

Problems with the Trot
Lately, my 3 year old has had problems following her nose when she is not on the rail. So I have been working on doing circles etc away from the rail. The problem is that when I ask for the trot when I'm NOT on the rail, my horse starts to bend her neck like a pretzel and go sideways. I tried to tighten the outside rein and leave the inside looser and use my leg, but she runs through it. I don't know what to do at this point.

JustDressageIt 01-26-2008 12:38 PM

*sigh* such is the thing with young horses.. you need to pick up your oustide hand slightly to make her aware of your contact (sometimes you need to over-exaggerate your movements to make yourself understood with younguns!) and really bump her with your outside leg. Do not make it acceptable for her to run through your outside aids. Do not pull harder with your inside hand as she'll just ben her neck more.
Remember: if you don't have control of the shoulders, you don't have control of the horse. The nose can be deceiving :P
Since she's so attached to the rail, I'd suggest riding off the rail all the time for a while; stay 1m or so in from the rail so she can't "lean" on it or rely on it for balance. Most young horses have this problem for a while, and it IS very frusterating.
I'll think on it some more and post again later :)

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