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Wallaby 05-23-2010 01:51 AM

Fitting a breast collar...?
Could someone give me a run down on how to properly fit a 3 prong (or whatever they're called) western breast collar?
I know that the shoulder pieces should be right at the shoulder and not super loose: tight enough to not slip around but loose enough that it won't chafe. However, what about the one that goes between the front legs? I assume that it shouldn't be too tight, but how tight is too tight?


I'm going riding in it tomorrow and I'd hate for it to accidentally be too tight since I'll be riding for a few hours...

grayshell38 05-23-2010 03:01 AM

You should be able to fit about four fingers between the bottom of the chest and the lower strap. At least this is where I like it at.

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