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corinowalk 05-23-2010 10:32 PM

My Gelding is mounting *sigh*
Since I got Nico 6 months ago, he has consistantly shown 'studdish' behavior. Head tossing, loving up on the girls, agressive behavior towards the other geldings. He has broken the fence several times to be with 'his' girls. I can't say I blame the poor fellow, the girls have sprayed into his stall several times and they have no interest in any of the other geldings.

Up until today, none of us have ever witnessed him actually mounting a mare. He and dizzie were at it for about an hour. In total, he mounted her 5 times. Not to be graphic, but the last time he mounted her he did leave some ejaculate on her and on the floor. Dizzie is an old broodmare who was lookin for some action and she didn't move a muscle. As a matter of fact, she was chasing him down the first time...he took over from there. We got them seperated and Nico is now lovingly calling over the fence to her.

Now when I mentioned this to the BO, she wasnt very concerned. Until she thought about it. Nico had been in a field with Danielle (a retired TB broodmare) for the first month that he was there. He was eventually moved to another field because he wouldnt let anyone (horse or human) near Danielle. Danielle is a notorious hard keeper who never puts on an ounce. She is a typical OTTB who loses weight as fast as she gains it, no matter what she is eating. Just recently, she has been putting on weight and keeping it. She is actually now almost fat. Im sure you can see where the BO is going with this. So here are my questions. Please excuse my ignorance on the breeding front. I have never had a desire to breed horses so I know very little about the process.

Is it possible that he is 'proud cut' or has a retained testicle? If so, what are the chances that he got one of the mares pregnant?

If Danielle is, in fact, pregnant how would we know. I know to call the vet but we are on an appointment schedule with the vet and she is due out in a month. While it is not an optimum situation, I hardly catagorize it as an emergency.

If he was just a late geld (4) and a studdy behaving gelding, is there anything that he can take to help him? I've looked into a few herbal supplements but without any testimonials, its kinda hard to believe.

I bought Nico as a gelding, look in his netherregions and everything. With that in mind, if either (or God forbid both!) mare is pregnant, am I financially responsible for the foal(s)?

I am totally at my wits end and am not really sure what to do. Any advice is welcome.

AngelWithoutWings54 05-23-2010 10:43 PM

I guess it's possible, but I really wouldn't know. Maybe you should talk to your vet... I would call and ask them, even if they can't come out.

Indyhorse 05-23-2010 11:04 PM

Erm, I could be wrong on this, but I don't believe a gelded horse can ejaculate. I had a very proud cut gelding a few years back, and he constantly mounted mares, but he never, ever ejaculated. The behavior is concerning, because, even if he doesn't exercise studdy behaviors when you are working with him, there is still the risk of harm to him or a less than obliging mare, not to mention the risk of STDs. My gelding ended up being stalled, and only turned out with geldings (he was fine under those circumstances, dominant, but not so much as to cause problems) and when I moved him home, he was only ever "with" my own mare, who I had already had tested for stds when I got her - after a failed breeding attempt to a less than desirable stallion (before I purchased her). She was very "obliging" so I tended to ignore the behavior.

Others on this forum would know more than me, I am sure - but I don't believe a gelded horse CAN ejaculate - the spermatic cord is traditionally crushed during gelding. So if you are seeing such physical traces - I'd get a vetr out ASAP both to test BOTH the mares, and examine your Nico - he might well be cryptorchid, and if that is the case, he can still impregnate mares.

MLP 05-23-2010 11:15 PM

if the horse is ejaculating, then he is NOT a gelding. Geldings cannot ejaculate! I would say he is a rig and has an undecended testicle. Get the vet out, they will take blood and test it. Also would have the mares given PG, which will cause abortion if they have gotten pregnant.

Brighteyes 05-23-2010 11:24 PM

As was said above, geldings CANNOT ejaculate. It's physically impossible. I would get a vet out ASAP and keep him away from other mares. I also hope that the owners of the mares he's already been with are understanding, good humored people...

JustDressageIt 05-23-2010 11:34 PM

With the risk of sounding completely stupid, would (some?) geldings be able to "shoot blanks" like a man with a vasectomy? (I.e. ejaculate fluids that do not contain sperm)

MLP 05-23-2010 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by JustDressageIt (Post 642058)
With the risk of sounding completely stupid, would (some?) geldings be able to "shoot blanks" like a man with a vasectomy? (I.e. ejaculate fluids that do not contain sperm)

NO. they need testicles to do that.

corinowalk 05-23-2010 11:55 PM

The vet is coming next week some time. For now, he is in a field with another gelding (who knows how to avoid him!) and wont have the opportunity to get near the mares.

Indy, How did you find out that your gelding was proud cut? Did they just look or was there a blood test. I know that he was gelded pretty late and whether or not he was bred before he was gelded is unknown. This whole situation has me pretty paranoid about his breeder who said only that he was gelded late hoping to promote growth (he is QH and only matured to around 14.1) I am wondering now if a. He was gelded late because he threw solid colored foals (they 'specialize' in paint QH) or b. He never dropped the other teste and they had the vet do what he could in the field.

Bright eyes, the owners of the mares are good friends of mine and though I would hope they would understand, I can see how they wouldnt. In both cases, abortion would be a major consideration. The TB mare that may be in foal (from an earlier romp) would be in a precarious situation because of considerable tearing with her last foal (hence her being retired) The other mare is of good age and breeding but I doubt a foal is what anyone wants right now. And while a cute lil bouncing baby that looks like my Nico would be amazing, its just not very practical.

JDI, i've read conflicting reports on the shooting blanks thing. One article says no way. The other says that it is possible. Im sure you see why I am confused!

Thank you all for your input. It is certainly an eye opening experience that I hope will all wash away!

kevinshorses 05-24-2010 01:46 AM

If he has a retained testicle he will still be sterile because the temperature in his body is too high for sperm to be viable. That is the purpose of the scrotum and why it descends and ascends with the temperature. As far as studdish behaviour while your handling him goes, if you don't like it don't put up with it regardless of gender.

corinowalk 05-24-2010 02:03 AM

The studdish behavior only goes on in the pasture. While he is what you would call high spirited, hes never been aggressive towards me or anyone else. My only concern is him breeding mares.

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