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ButterfliEterna 05-24-2010 12:32 AM

Fighting an Uphill Battle
Short and sweet:

Friend's TB has a weird, pale yellow-white crust on his face. It's quarter-sized, and beside it is a blood blister that isn't healing. It will pop, go away, and come back. BM suspects *ringworm* because it is a fungi.

Google said fungi, looks like a match. BM says treat with Iodine.. no real difference. At all. Now the TB has small crusty scabs appearing randomly on his neck and back. Oh goody, BM is convinced it's ringworm and moved their horses to a separate area, meanwhile complaining of this and more.

And more being, BM also suspects Cerra was sold to me with lice and worms. So now, the other boarders horses, PLUS BM's horses will have a nice concoction of all three.

We de-wormed Cerra on Saturday with some vet-quality stuff that apparently de-worms and will kill any mature lice bugs that feed? I have yet to see a louse on her, but she has major dandruff issues and no mane now. (Crusted in burrs, took DR's? advice and snip-snip! Hahaha) Now, they both have weird, dark scabby things on them.. although it might just be Cerra's battle scars :P

Do you know what the scabeous things could be? (Rain rot or fungi?) And how do you go about treating them..?? I'll post pictures in my profile cause I'm really not sure how to link them up.. :(

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