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ilyTango 05-24-2010 01:21 PM

Momma Mare to the Rescue!
So since the paddocks are pretty much grazed bare, sometimes we tie Lily and Tango out on the lawn to eat the long grass. It's not exactly new to them, and nothing has ever happened before, besides the minor entanglements that were quickly resolved.

Today, we look out the window and see Lily hopping around, and so I ran out there to sort it out. Well, she'd got the rope wrapped around her ankle and it was tight. I told her to whoa, and she did, but the rope was taught and I couldn't unclip it. So I backed off to go untie it at the base, and that set her off. She was going for a tantrum so I got out of her way, and she jumped and tried to take off. The rope jerked her to a stop, she spun, and I told her again to: "Whoa, Lily. Whoa. Calm down." And she stood stock still, the look in her face just: Help me! I was able to get her untied and all straightened out.

I feel like the mama bear that saves her cubs from danger. It was so cute that she stopped and stood still as soon as I told her to, because I personally know a lot of horses that would keep freaking out until they fell over or got themselves so tangled they wouldn't be able to move. =) Yay me for saving the day. Just thought I'd share.

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