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lilkitty90 05-25-2010 08:56 PM

Best way to heal an open wound!
first of all our trainer came out and looked at our mares foot (she almost ripped it off from barbed wire) we have been battling it since April 30th. and the gash still hadn't closed. so he recommended his remedey he made himself and it closed it an a DAY! and all the granulated tissue is gone! and the meat is all pink and pretty and it's beginning to heal up nicely! so i thought i would put the remedy on here for you guys. and maybe this should be made into a sticky?

anyway what he had us do was
  • take a 30-60cc syringe (with needle attached!) and fill it full of salt water. and just spray it at the wound a granulated tissue several times. the salt and water being pressured into the tissue will make it fall right off.
  • The get DMSO and Cut heal or Wound Care. and mix it to a 75% 25% ratio. it should be 75% Cut heal/Wound care and 25% DMSO and just spray this one the wound. mixing the dmso and cut heal will help it get deep down in there and cleanse it out. the dmso will mix with the cut heal and take the cut heal all the way down there to the tissue and help it heal quickly with little to no scaring.
  • once you have this sprayed on. put gauze on the wound and wrap it semi tightly to keep the proud flesh from growing.
and thats what we did and her wound closed in one day and it is finally getting back to the healing process!

churumbeque 05-25-2010 09:08 PM

If it is deep you do not want it to close. It needs to heal from the inside out. Hopefully you sought vet advice.

lilkitty90 05-25-2010 09:28 PM

the cut heal is healing the inside. and yes we contacted vets everyday and it took 3 weeks to get one out here and he finally made it and said we were doing a great job with it (before my trainers remedy) and he cut a little proud flesh off and now he is tellign us to let the proud flesh grow so that the wound can close up. but the cut heal dmso mixture did that for us. but yes we definitely seeked out the vet on it. as it was a very bad one. however it didn't get any tendons or ligaments and she gets around perfectly fine on it. she bucks and runs and plays like normal when she gets her outside time.

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