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Cougar 05-25-2010 10:23 PM

Pretty Palomino

bumble 05-25-2010 10:30 PM

He's absolutely gorgeous. I'm jealous :) Palomino is one of my favorite colors.

MIEventer 05-25-2010 11:09 PM

He is very pretty!

Cougar 05-25-2010 11:26 PM

It's actually one of my least prefered colours, but I am biased after having him for 5 years. I think he's also be just as cute as a bay. I will see if I can find photos of him in proper shape.

HorsePoornBigSky 05-26-2010 01:53 AM

Nice looking gelding. Great pictures.

Deerly 05-26-2010 02:04 AM

Aww he's gorgeous. Look at those dapples! Palominos are the best :D

LoveStory10 05-26-2010 08:28 AM

Wow... lovely horse :)

qtrsnkids 05-26-2010 08:53 AM

Nice looking horse!

somekindalexus 05-26-2010 09:35 AM

very cute, looks kinda like mine :)

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