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justsambam08 05-27-2010 08:24 PM

Good day again
Went out to the barn while it was kind of overcast because Ice needed his feet picked out and some more anti-thrush stuff, so I went ahead and made a day out of it, and went and bought him a new lead rope (since we are using his old web halter, I only had a lead with a stud chain on it--the clanking was getting annoying) and started some clicker training. He knew I had treats as soon as I opened the bag that I was carrying the bag of treats in! While I was picking out his feet, he kept trying to stick his nose in the back and smell them haha. He was a little bit jerky with his back feet as usual, but his front feet were very nice...again I just said "leg up" and up they came! He also did ONE turn in to me, which is where I stopped again....and I still don't know what I did to get it. It started sprinkling right as we got done with his feet, so I brought him into the barn aisle and we did some quick conditioning and then some stretches. He didn't really understand the concept of stretching, he kept looking at my opposite hand, so I finally just switched the treat hand and that worked much better lol. He also was a little confused as to how to stretch down between his legs.

My only qualm with this treat thing is that even though he looks VERY cute whilst the treat supply is aplenty, he also gets super pushy and "can I have some more, here let me help you find them" -steps forward-. But like I said, its not mean, just cute.....ut at the same time very annoting to have to continually send him back.

Oh! I also worked on his stall (with treats as weapons--he can't get pissy with me about treats). He was good when I first put him in, very respectful with no ear pinning, and then I just shut the door and re-opened it, and not as good. Some ear pinning when I asked him to move out of my space (just some arm jiggling thing and a "back please") but when I stopped when he moved back and didn't step into him, he let it go....I think.

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