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reining girl 05-29-2010 03:23 PM

Really wierd thing happend yesterday
My friends horse had some really wierd thing happen to her right side flank. Ill try to explain it the best i can. We went out to go catch her and the horse was lying down, and she got up like normal not fast or anything like that, but then she took off running (just playing around) she didnt fall or anythign like that. When my friend caught her, the right side flank muscle (or whatever it is) was all tightened and puffed out (before the flank whatever muscle that is was all bulgy its really hard to explain i wish i could of got it on video) and all the muscles around it were quivering almost like a muscle spasm. It only lasted maybe 5mins. It not tender or anything like that, no pain. Her flank area is just a little puffy. So my question, is what the hec was it???? Was it just a muscle spasm? She is running around acting like normal so i dont think its a pulled muscle, its not a colic sign... im stumped. Should my friend have the vet come out??

reining girl 05-29-2010 09:57 PM

I talked with my friend today and she said there is no swelling or anything. She said her mare is acting just like her normal self, running around bucking and playing, its just like nothing happened. So im really thinking it was just a spasm or could she of maybe suddenly got stung by a bee?? she said it might be just a touch puffy but not really.

LolHorse 05-29-2010 10:23 PM

When horses get excited, or if they have been running around that happens usaully. You got nothing to worry about.

reining girl 05-29-2010 10:58 PM

really???! I have never noticed that before. why would it only happen on one side though?

corinowalk 05-29-2010 11:25 PM

Every had a charlie horse that stuck out of your leg? I suspect thats what happened here.

Jester5159 05-29-2010 11:51 PM

interesting, i've never seen anything like that!

... the horse doesn't have HYPP and isn't a carrier, right? the quivering and twitching muscles that are localized can be a symptom of it =(

just a thought, i've seen HYPP carriers that have symptoms similar to that

reining girl 05-30-2010 12:06 AM

thats what i think happened to corniowalk. Jester: nope the horse has no impressive at all.

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