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Broski1984 05-31-2010 01:27 AM

Just What I Need... Another Baby (Name Help?)
Hello, there. As you may know, I'm fairly new to the fourm. I hope to get pictures of my horses, along with more info on them up soon.


As it is, I currently have a two year old ArabxThroughbred gelding (Phin), that I'm just now starting to break; I also have a 22 month old grade mare (Eliza) that I'm begining to do proper ground work on (and I'm finding her quite fun to work with, actually!) and I round up my motley crew with a "rescue" donkey (Ben) (his first owner beat him, his second (a friend of mine) didn't have enough time for him; he's just now getting some work done to him), who needs some serious work and to be gelded.

Well, understandably, I've gotten tired of missing out of the trail rides my friends go on, so I went to my friend (whom I got the mare and donkey from; he rescues horses from auction, gets them in shape, and sells them near-cost) to try getting a good trail riding horse, and ended up with a 12-year-old grade (she has some App. and possibly morgan in her) mare who needs some groceries, but is otherwise healthy and dead-broke. I paid half a few weeks back, and another half today...

Well, my friend aparently knows I'm a sucker, and could also sell ice to an eskimo, because I left his farm today not just with my new mare, but a buckskin-roan half-app gelding and a weanling Morgan stud.

Yup. Sucker.

Fortunately, the buckskin's broke. I also don't end up with him (or the need to finish paying!) until late June, as my friend wants to do one more trail ride on him. The Morgan's beautiful, sweet and registered out the wazzoo (but didn't come with papers; the man he bought him from wouldn't part with them, because he didn't want the stud to be bred if he wasn't getting rich off it), but I certainly didn't need another baby.
I also now have three horses that need names.
The Morgan a relative wants to name "Eli", but he doesn't look it (he's goofy, sweet and adorable; something I don't associate with "Eli"); the mare came with "Sally" (which is my Great-Great Grandmother's name, and she was known for being... odd. I can't unthink of it); the buckskin came with "Fred" (which is my sleazy, but lovable, uncle's name).

I hope to get pictures Tuesday; Saturday at latest. Any ideas for names, though?

Sphi 05-31-2010 09:10 AM

Hmm, I'd have to see pictures, lol.

ilovemyPhillip 05-31-2010 01:31 PM

Same. Good luck with them, project are work! I ended up with four at a time..

Broski1984 05-31-2010 03:44 PM

I'll try getting pictures tommorow, when I head back out there (to that area) again.

Fortunately, aside from the bay mare being fairly skinny, she's healthy and broke (I've ridden her, seen her ridden by "better" riders, etc.; she's great), and hasn't any behavioural problems; the buckskin is also broke, and a good ride so I hear, but I haven't ridden him yet.

Also, luckily enough, Eliza's doing well with her training, and Phin, as far as getting broke, is doing great. He still thinks he's a goat/dog, though, thanks to his last owners. Ben's done; I just need to get him less skittish, but I don't intend to break him. :/

It's the morgan I'm worried about, for a project. Sweet as can be, but I've never dealt with a stud before (aside from Ben), and don't intend to geld him right away (the reason I got him so low, is because my friend wants to breed two of his mares to him when he gets older).

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