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Alycat 06-03-2010 03:54 AM

Wrapping a leg....
Before I start I would like to give you a little info on my situation. Mandy is my first horse that I have ever owned. I have lots of help with knowledgeable horse people and trainers (so I'm not attempting this alone). The only problem is that I'm currently living in Germany and there is a huge language barrier between me and well mainly everyone. So I usually leave a situation with my horse taken care of but with me being confused and having a ton of unanswered questions.

Anyway, my horse was recently diagnosed with tendonitis because she hyperflexed/has hyperflexation (sorry I do not know the correct term) in her left hind fetlock. I took her to the vet and he gave me a bunch of anti swelling medication and cream.

She is currently on stall rest only and has to have that leg wrapped the whole time.

Here comes my question(s)- My vet told me that I need to apply the cream to her leg (which I understand) and then put plastic wrap around the cream and then wrap it with a bandage....

1.Do I really put plastic wrap (like the type I would cover brownies with?) on her leg or is there something that got lost in translation?

2. Is there a special type of bandage I need to buy to wrap her leg with? Currently her leg is wrapped with gauze, cotton pads, and medical tape (the vet applied this without the cream) but some people have told me to invest in some polo wraps because they are better to use.

3. I know this question sounds horrible but if I use a polo wrap do I wrap it like I would normally do (as if I was getting ready to ride) or do I wrap it less tightly?

I know I sound terrible asking these probably simple (every horse owner should know lol) questions but like I said I mainly have more questions than answers when I talk to people.

Many thanks to anyone who read through that and any answers you may have!

SaddlebredGrl 06-04-2010 01:40 AM

So i'll try to help some... As far as what you need to wrap what i use is like a cotton wrap with a polo wrap. the plastic wrap i'm not sure about. My horse had tendonitis last year, and i applied probably close to what your vet gave you, and used the cotton wrap and polo wrap.

since my horse has previously had a bowed tendon, and tendonitis, after a hard work out we "set up" his legs. When you are standing you wrap clockwise and when working you wrap counter clockwise (at least that is what i've been told). I don't know who you can order from but this place over here called schiniders or Schneider Saddlery has really cool wraps that are all combined.

hope that makes sense.

Alycat 06-04-2010 02:46 AM

Thank you so much for replying! I was a little confused about the plastic wrap as well.Your post definitely made sense and I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I will try out your method today!

Thanks again!

Ryle 06-04-2010 10:43 AM

Alycat 06-04-2010 01:03 PM

Thank you so much Ryle! That is exactly what I was looking for!

I appreciate your time!


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