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Trails 06-03-2010 04:55 PM

Equine First Aid Kits
On our recent trip to the Nile we had an unfortunate incident with our Icelandic mare who cut her frog on the trail. The wound itself was minor, with no lameness, swelling, or other symptoms, and shes fine now at a week post accident.

Weve always made it a priority to keep an equine 1st aid kit in the trailer so we had the requisite bandages, etc. once we got back to the campsite. We were able to clean the area, contact the vet (quite a feat that required the use of arms and legs as antenna for the cell phone, and treat the wound.

On the way home from the Nile we spent some time talking about what ifs and how we would have handled the situation. A recurrent theme was the first aid kit we made for the horses and the times weve been in a group situation where there was an injury and the owners were frantically trying to find the material with which to treat their horse. Ive seen such situations at Green Mountain, East Fork State Park, and others. All were circumstances that could have been avoided had an equine 1st aid kit been handy.

To that end I created this list of recommended items for an Equine 1st Aid Kit to keep in truck or trailer. I keep ours in a well labeled kitty litter bucket that also holds our human first aid kit.

I hope this list inspires a chat with your vet on recommended items as well as how to use them effectively. I know several practices that periodically offer seminars on equine first aid and Id highly suggest that everyone attend one in your areas.

Sunny 06-03-2010 08:22 PM

There's a sticky on this at the top of the page.
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