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equiniphile 06-03-2010 10:49 PM

Worked with the pony stallion for the first time ever
Today Steely, my mom's 10hh Welsh stally, was being a pain in the you-know-what, wouldn't let me halter him, wouldn't let me lead him to the grass pastures, wouldn't let wouldn't let wouldn't let. So while in his stall I threw a lead rope around his neck, of course the maniac went crazy, reared when I tried to clip the snap onto the rope and make a halter out of it, I didn't put up with his crap, said enough is enough, put a real halter on him, and worked the sonofab**ch.

I got him to lead first without doing a 360 and running towards the mare or wherever he fancies, rear, throw a fit, or pull. That took a good 20 minutes to establish "safe" leading protocal. Then I snapped a lunge on him and taught him to lunge. Took a while, started bolting off, tried to drag me with the lunge, but I braced against a tree and he soon realized the tree wasn't moving anytime soon. Drove his hindquarters to the outside by applying "mental" pressure on his haunches and using body/shoudler language so he couldn't run outside the circle.

Had him walking around in about a 8m circle, then asked for a trot, and OH MY GOD, I have never before appreciated the way this guy moves. It was gorgeous. His trot was flowing and he held his tail high and it was just beautiful. What an amazing mover. Asked for a canter after giving him slack so he could have a little bigger circle, and it took a little doing, but he got the hang of cantering in the small circle. Correct lead....I was impressed with a horse who's never been worked with.

Then we took a break once he was sweating a little from 20 minutes of trotting and getting the hang of lungeing, and worked on his foot placement. I had an obstacle course-type thing already set up from working with my gelding for Trail Class, so I had Steely trot some poles, work on adjusting his stride, took him in-hand over a small raised 6inch-er, and worked on shoulder-in and haunch turns.

All in all, I think this guy will shape up to be a great horse. He just needs a JOB other than using He's very well-put together conformationally, but I'm not sure what his job should be. I think he would make a GREAT driver. Looking for a cheap starter pony cart and harness. if you know of someone with inexpencive used driving equipment in the Ohio area, please PM me!

He's my mom's obsession with his beauty. I know better than to judge a horse by his color, but I really am starting to like him. With a few manners trained into him, I think he'll make a great driver! Heck, I'll even teach him to cart my butt around under saddle! Granted, he's a little small, but I've seen teens on smaller mounts before.

Just had to post about how happy I am he wasn't a waste of money! Wish I'd worked with him before now (maybe like a year ago when I bought him, an un-halterbroke, no-mannered, 5-yr old pasture pet)....but hey, better late than never, right?


SugarPlumLove 06-04-2010 12:30 PM

What do you use him for now? Breeding? If you're not then I would suggest gelding him. It usually makes them calmer and safer.

Congrats on being succesful in teaching him to become a respectful little man :) Good work equiniphile!

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