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farmpony84 06-06-2010 03:33 PM

horse show weekend - report
Riley had been lame for a little over a week with cellulitis, he's still on SMZs to treat it. I called AQHA to find out if it was legal for me to show while he was on that medication, they switched me to the USEF who told me they were perfectly legal and I didn't even have to fill out a medication form so that was awesome.

I bathed and banded before we left, it's about a 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive to Lexington.

We got there Thursday afternoon just as a massive thunderstorm hit, I left him in the trailer for probably 10 or 15 minutes waiting for it to clear enough to get him out and put him in his stall. I got him all situated and then we got the trailer all set up to camp out in. It's a goose neck with a big dressing room and air conditioning but that's it, no mattress or anything, we just put sleeping bags and pillows in it, hung a work light and then used a charcoal grill for food.

My trainer made us ride that night (he had been off for a couple weeks so I was a little worried). He mosied on into the colliseum as if he rode there everyday. Just a sweet boy. I was so excited.

The next day was halter (we didn't do) and then english. When I went into the covered arena to warm-up I noticed my trainers husband looking at me funny (that usually means I'm doing something wrong). He didn't really say anything and then later I saw him whisper in her ear so then she came over and looked at my saddle (it had slipped way back) so we moved it up and by the time the girth was tightened, it had slipped back again. So he came over and looked at it (this is the saddle I just bought last summer because Riley was too wide for my HDR). He's now too wide for my Telousse. I'm going to have to buy the expensive one with the adjustable gullets. We did Novice HUS, Green HUS, Junior horse HUS, and then Novice eq. We placed in every class but on the lower end. (he was a little strung out and my trainer said that I never really had him on the bit - oops).

Right after english and did a quick tack change and went into western eq and then trail. I skipped the arena classes because he had been off for so long there was no way I was going to pull off the lope. I rode the best western eq class I have ever ridden. I was so excited. I KNEW I placed in the higher end. They called all the numbers and I never heard mine. HUH? Finally they called me as a DQ. I had to ask why and it was because I went on the wrong side of the cone. So my best class EVER, I got disqualified for going off course. Darn it!

The trail class was the first on I had ever done. He did the bridge, the gate, and the back awesome but my downward transition from my sloppy lope to a strung out jog knocked me down to the lower end of the class. Still placed though.

The next day was an all english day. I got in trouble with my trainer because I REFUSED to braid. teehee.... I just kept him banded. hee hee... anyway, I was putting on my new JPC zip-up field boots (I've worn them twice) and the zipper BROKE! I had to run over to the colliseum and buy a pair of debonaire's. One boot fit PERFECTLY, the other... would not zip so I ran to this guy that had leather softener for sale, he put it on my boot and I could not ride with it. It hurt so bad on my calf that I had to ride in one new boot and one old boot! We did MUCH better that day though. Still not the top of the class, but we moved up from the lower end to somewhere in the middle. My english eq class earned me a 2nd under one judge (which gave me a half point) and then a 3rd under the other judge. I was pretty excited.

I was supposed to do western today but husband got called to work and had to catch a plane out of state so I closed up my bill. It ended up being almost a six hundred dollar weekend. But I earned a half point!

I actually told my husband I had the best time ever at this show. I never even had to lunge Riley, he never looked at anything, never spooked, never got mad, never said no. He wasn't the big winner but he was so sweet.

OH! I almost forgot! There was a mare there that was the biggest most muscular looking freak of a horse I have ever seen! I wanted to get her name so I could look her up, I kept saying she HAS to be HYPP NH but my trainer said not necessarily, ok, then on steroids? She was freaking HUGE. AND nasty. She walked passed our stalls twice and both times she fired at the closest person with both feet. The handler never apoligized or said anything. One of the girls with me said that's how halter horses behave and they expect us to know that. What? I would think they should behave!

AND, there were several barns there that, get this... Had MAKE-UP artists! AND stylists!!! WHAT???? REALLY????


over all it was a great weekend... just wanted to share.

farmpony84 06-06-2010 03:34 PM

I mentioned the SMZs because two of our barns horses ended up getting drug tested this weekend so I was really glad that I had called and asked for rule clarifications or I would have been so nervous!

farmpony84 06-06-2010 10:09 PM

oh... and my dog broke three toes while we were gone. My mom was taking care of him, she just presented me with a $200 vet bill! AND a lecture because apparently he had poop on his butt and the vet was irritated... (He's a collie, it happens...)

So now my kid, my horse, and my dog are on antibiotics twice a day... UGH!

but it was still a fun show...

farmpony84 06-08-2010 10:04 AM

*sigh*... I geuss nobody cared.... :(

sullylvr 06-08-2010 10:13 AM

Wow that sounds like quite a weekend!! I get tired from just one day shows! And that whole boot problem sounds like a nightmare
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Jake and Dai 06-08-2010 10:51 AM

LOL I'm just playing catch up while at work (shhhhh!)

I love reading about show weekends. I'm just a backyard trail rider myself but really enjoy the exploits of everyone else. I'd love to do some small local fun shows but given my current work travel schedule, I don't ride consistently enough to even do that. So I live vicariously. :-)

And I think your Riley is absolutely freakin adorable! And I get a kick 'cos Riley is my DH's name. hehehehehehehe

Dartanion 06-09-2010 03:35 PM

Oh I hate DQ's!!! espcially when you are like WTF?! what did I do. I pulled a funny one at state in 09 I was going around my jumper course and forgot the course so I went to a trot and went to leave the ring. The judge looked at me a little puzzled and I just called "DQ forgot the course ^_^" LOL the judge laughed at that. EVEN funnyer the year before I was DQ as I was approching the first jump! LMAO totally off course >.< I hear they have make-up and hair at congress and world O.o

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