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smrobs 06-08-2010 11:54 PM

The Last Airbender?
Is anyone else anxious for this movie to come out? I have always been an M. Night fan (even his not so good movies) and I absolutely adore the cartoon. I am actually sitting here watching season 2 as we speak. So does anyone else like it? Do you think it might be the beginning of a series of movies?

Silvera 06-09-2010 12:38 AM

Oh I can't wait for it to come out. It looks so good! I hope they do a few movies at least. The series is well put together so they should be able to get a bunch out of it.

wild_spot 06-09-2010 12:39 AM

Me! I'm not a series fan like you, but I am such a nit for fantasy/sci-fi movies, and this looks like a really cool concept for a movie.

StormyBlues 06-09-2010 10:20 PM

Well, I don't think it can be as good as the actual show, becuase I watched that show RELIGOUSLY. So I don't think the movie is going to be able to fit all of my favorite stuff in from the seasons! IE "IT'S A GIANT MUSHROOM! MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!" Sokka.....

smrobs 06-10-2010 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by StormyBlues (Post 656239)

ROFLMFAO!!! I just watched that episode last night :D. I am hoping that it will end up being a series like the Batman movies. That way, they will have room and time enough for all the best stuff to end up in there. I wonder how they are gonna do Appa and MoMo (or if they will even have them in there). I didn't notice either of them in the trailer.

Speed Racer 06-10-2010 01:58 PM

I'm a BIG fan of the animated series, and no, I won't be watching any of the M. Night movies.

The actors playing Katara and Sokka I could live with, but the kid they picked to play Aang seriously creeps me out, and an Indian as Zuko? Oh hail no! That's just wrong on so many levels. :shock:

From the previews I've seen, the first movie looks to be Book 1, so I imagine there will be two more movies for Books 2 and 3.

I do believe Appa's in the movie (CGI), but I haven't seen anything about MoMo.

I'll just stick with rewatching the animated series and avoid the live action movies. No need to taint my enjoyment of Team Avatar.

StormyBlues 06-10-2010 02:02 PM


And if Appa and Momo arn't there, I'm walkin out of that movie.

juniormylove 06-12-2010 02:05 PM

I can't wait ^-^ I know it's probably not gonna be as good as the actual show, so I'm gonna go in with low expectations and hope to be blown away :D

Oh, and I refuse to call it just the last airbender. It is, and always will be, Avatar. :)

IheartPheobe 06-12-2010 02:59 PM

Im actually quite excited. any idea when it comes out!??!

StormyBlues 06-12-2010 03:57 PM

July Nells!

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