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xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-09-2010 04:17 PM

DryBones' Diaries
I've been going through a lot family wise and horse wise and I thought that if I were to update people on my lessons and my search for a horse I might gain some advice and support.

If anyone's interested, that is. I'll start, I suppose, with a little bit of an introduction.

I'm a sixteen-year-old girl that lives in southeast Texas. I have varying hobbies, of course, as any. I have three snakes, a dog, a cat, and a beta. I love the water, fishing, music, as I play bassoon. I've always loved horses. Like any girl, of course. I had all the Polly Pocket and Barbie horse collections, and I adored it. Things began to become a reality last spring when we went to my friend's ranch in Mississippi.

There, I rode with them and really got in touch with horses. After a bit of begging and a search, my father agreed to let me take lessons. I started this January. My lesson teacher is a very good friend and person, and I love her. She's sensitive to the physical disability--an ailment known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth, or CMT, a degenerative neuromuscular distorder--I have and is willing to help me, emotionally and financially.

Last September I learned of my mother's affair. She has since moved out and not divorced, but made several terrible decisions. I try to love her, but when she does things like have her overweight boyfriend buy her a $700 dollar dog yet not pay her side of the bills, I am pulled a little further away from her. She has said some really evil things, and in more than one way my trainer has somewhat replaced her as a maternal figure in my life.

I'm searching for a horse now. I just switched to English, because that is my goal, despite the fact that everyone's told me with my disability it is not possible at all. I can't run, or do much things that people should be able to do to be "healthy", but on a horse I feel just as equal as any other. It is inspiring me to lose weight (a med caused me to gain about 30 pounds, when I was already about 20 over my goal) and keep active, and really tune in with the environment, because before I wasn't too interested in anything past a laptop and Star Trek on TV.

I'm passing in between different ways to get money. I'm doing babysitting now. I started making flipflops for sale with little success, but now I want to make natural soap with fragrances and many sorts of molds. Anything for money. Money, money money. It's not really gluttony or selfishness, arrogance. I just want to do anthing, anything possible to get myself a horse and to be able to take care of it to the best of my ability. I feel I can do so much more riding more than 2x a week. My mom with the same disability as I is now on medical disabilty, so she isn't working, so she can bring me anywhere (because I don't have my license yet)..

Sorry this is a bit of a novel. I just...I'm looking for some friends, and maybe someone to take interest and support me. I'll probably post some more after my lesson this evening.


ilyTango 06-09-2010 09:51 PM

Good luck with your lessons, and I'm sorry to hear about the situation with your mom. As for the money and you are in the same boat there, though last summer I made several hundred dollars from babysitting and various jobs. I did make a lot, but my dad was still nice enough to pay for my horse if I paid for the tack. You'll get a horse eventually, just keep saving. I am going to scrounge away this summer and save up as much as I can, for no real reason other than I like money.

xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-09-2010 09:56 PM

I'm saving. I'm thinking of making a soap business--with different molds, fragrances, and colours.

Today I had more issues with Sadie, but my trainer thinks being on her will help my muscles. I can barely get her to trot, let alone canter--but it's good working on balancing and collection in the slower gaits. She's old--we're both green to English, but with work and some weight gained she'll probably be a good horse.

Thanks .=]

xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-10-2010 10:37 PM

Today was a very long, interesting day. I didn't ride, but I brought my kittens out to the stables this morning to give them to my trainer/BO--because I had them free to good home and she said that she would take them on. They were an absolute hit today--everyone who saw them freaked out, and they really were quite adorable. ^^

We bathed the four horses that were going to be used today, went out for lunch, came back and fed them their grains, loaded them up, and brought them to the park for the horse show tonight. Because I switched to English and the horse I normally ride is like..crazy out with barrels...I went ahead and passed on riding, but I hung out and did help a good bit, and in return my trainer gave me next lesson free (which she normally does when I work for her). It was fun to have Buddy with his lime green decor (and my friend had a pretty smashing uniform to match), have his tail and mane braided and all pads pretty and matching. I felt it all went fairly well, I thought. Besides, I got to know the barn family a little better, which is always a good thing.

Nita 06-11-2010 12:48 AM

Sounds like fun! you're inspiring to me. =) I've kinda been following your journal, but haven't had a chance to post anything yet. In your first post you said you were looking for friends/support... If you need to talk or anything, I'm here! I know what it's like to have a mother who's not really a mom. You have snakes! Eww haha! I guess I'd like to hold one someday, but I may have a slightly irrational fear of them. lol. Good luck with our search for a horse! Are you looking for something to compete on or just for fun riding?


xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-11-2010 11:29 PM

Thankss (:

Most fears are irrational. They're not slimy (I don't know why people think they are), or cold, and they do bite but mine have never even hissed or anything!

I don't really know. =/
See, I would like to compete, but I want to be realistic. Because of my disability, it'll be months, years before I get to the level where I will need to be at. I want a partner horse, but I /do/ want to go in buying knowing that I probably will have to sell and upgrade to a higher level horse if I need a higher level horse. I know that'll be hard and probably won't go well with me--I'll probably fall to death in love--but I think that even the pasture horses that are sound just not really 'heard of' or 'trained' are capable of doing little leagues. So if needs be, we can both learn whatever I'm gonna be doing.

Part of it might be /because/ of my disability I'm kind of wanting to compete a LOT because I have NEVER EVER been good at anything physically in my life. I've never won a race, played a basketball game on a winning team, anything at all. I feel like I have an opportunity now to do something, and I really want to.

Nita 06-12-2010 12:31 AM

The only snake I've ever "held" (meaning not really ha!) was a water snake my sister and I caught. But it bit me and it hurt haha. Of course, it was wild and I was holding it by it's tail, so it had a right. =) Maybe someday...

The thing is, it seems to me that a lot of the horses that are strictly for upper level competing (and this is just MHO) seem to be kind of distant? I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm close to my horses and they're pretty much bombproof because I do everything with them, and the other horses aren't used to that. But they seem like everything has to be all business, all the time, and there's not really any pleasure in just being around them. Like they are TOO trained. I dunno, though, just my thoughts. I think that maybe a nice little QH (I'm biased, I love Quarter horses!) would be perfect. Just because they are SO smart. But they're affectionate. I've absolutely fallen in love with the breed as a whole. They're sweet to be around, but when you need them to work, or to show, they can do it. And it doesn't take much to train them. But if you're wanting to event or something, I don't know. All I know is reining bloodlines. =)

yeah, I hear you. I definitely see what you mean.... I'm a VERY competitive person, but I do other things too... So if I never got the chance to, I would just be burning up inside to compete compete COMPETE! once I got the chance. I'd say go for it. =) I think it'll be awesome for you.

xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-12-2010 10:19 AM

Hopefully. There's a free white Arab--and let me tell you, when does that happen? EVER? Well the lady's been "out of town" for about six months now, and is impossible to get a hold of so, I don't know, but I'm still searching. I love Arabs. The quarters on Quarter Horses bother me...I feel like they have big butts!

I'd rather have a friend than have a show winner any day.

ilyTango 06-12-2010 05:09 PM

A free Arab? Why is s/he free? Be careful about that-that kinda sends up red flags for me. I mean, if you've rode him/her before and worked with it, Ok, but I would be cautious about it. And you get used to QHs' big butts after a while XD

Nita 06-12-2010 08:26 PM

lol i LOVE their big butts! maybe just cuz i have one tho... hahaha. But yeah, definitely be sure that there's no catch to this "free" horse.

yeah, I know. friend over show winner every time. =)

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