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danastark 06-09-2010 11:29 PM

Hanoverian/TB filly-what color is she?
Okay, I posted pictures of Jewel (just turned 2 by Devon Heir-black w/ white markings) before but I guess they weren't in the best light so recently I was able to get someone to get some more pictures of her. I hope these are a little bit better. She's much darker than she was earlier in the spring. What color is she? Brown, seal bay? Thanks!

this was in April when she was shedding out, but you can see the blonde hair inside her ears?

danastark 06-11-2010 10:23 AM

Bump! Anyone????

mct97 06-11-2010 04:28 PM

She's dark bay. The "blonde" inside her ears is just sun bleach...:)

mct97 06-11-2010 04:29 PM

My guy was dark bay and colored just like that.

smrobs 06-11-2010 07:02 PM

I would also call her a black bay or dark bay. If she was brown, I don't think there would be a definitive line on her legs for the black stockings like she has.

mct97 06-11-2010 10:57 PM

Yup. :)

DressageIsToDance 06-12-2010 01:32 AM

I agree, a very dark bay/black bay. I would say black at first glace, since sunbleached blacks can appear to be dark bays, but in her shedding out picture she looks to have had a light-colored winter coat, and a seal brown or a black horse would have had a darker coat.

By the way, she is pretty. I love her head - very pretty and refined!

danastark 06-12-2010 10:01 AM

Thanks! I thought brown because she's so dark it's kind of hard to tell if her legs are black or not. The blonde inside her ears never changes while her mane does get bleached and then darkens up again in the winter. Another horse friend swears she can see zebra striping on her legs in certain light but I don't see a dorsal stripe although she's so dark, that's hard to tell too. I guess genetically what are the options with a black sire and a mare who looks about the same as her, so I would assume a bay?

DressageIsToDance 06-12-2010 06:25 PM

Well, there are some duns so dark it's hard to see the dun characteristics. Seal brown horses usually have lighter, tan-ish hair around the eyes, muzzle year round though, which is why I feel she's more of a very dark bay or black bay. I had some pictures of a seal brown Oldenburg gelding I used to care for when I was in charge of horse maintenance at my old barn, but I can't find them, but he was a great example.

deuceschinagirl 06-15-2010 11:51 AM

he is defenitly a dark bay.

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