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BaliDoll 06-10-2010 03:58 PM

Moving Bali ! :)
Where Bali is now is a gorgeous five star dressage barn in the Santa Monica mountains, beautiful scenery and surroundings, peaceful, covered arena... Paradise. However, Bali and I are colorado imports who do western pleasure, so it's awkward to
be loping around the rail and having huge warm bloods tromp past us like we aren't moving and getting in the way....
Sooo I am moving and I decided to look at barns closer to where I am moving, even though I am technically moving closer to him already I'd rather have him minutes away without a freeway between us.
I looked at several places, many of which looked like equine refugee camps... Pens with tarps for roofs for over $200!!! (LA county is nuts) and places that fed horses out of cut open barrels used as troughs. Not the kind of place my horse or I are used to, having both been born and raised at show barns.
But today I found my heaven! It's not as scenic as where we are now, because it's only a couple miles outside of the city, but it's got all western pleasure paints and quarter horses, down to earth cowgirls who run the place, and not a tarp in sight!!
The only weird draw back, obviously a ploy to make more money so they can just work at the barn all day and not have to resort to too much "day job" activities is they REQUIRE you ride or get your horse out a minimum of three days a week- otherwise they will make you pay a lunging fee and take the horse out themselves for hot walker/lunging. It shouldn't e a problem, I'm a college age girl who loved her horse and will only live 10 mins away- but it still was a little odd. It shows they have the best interest for the horse at heart though.
They also show western, which I have been itching to get back into for ages... I had to stop because of my own health issues, but I want to get back to it.
Their horses were sooooo clean and well taken care of, they said someone is always out at the barn from 6am to 9pm basically, so he'll be looked after very closely. :) i'm thrilled!!! It seems like a much better fit and like he will be in good hands. It's also cheaper than where I am at now, which is awesome and unexpected.

Anyways... I'm excited, had to share the news!
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BaliDoll 06-10-2010 04:01 PM

Oh and I have some photos but they are on my phone and unable to get them right nowwww but :)! I'll post them I'm sure
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