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beauforever23 06-11-2010 06:14 PM

amazing horse saves me.....!! =] love mii ponayyyy

Let me remind all of you that i only adopted this horse 4/28/10 a couple of days after my birthday and a couple of days after i swore i would NEVER ride again!

You see a couple of months before i adopted my Beau bear i had a huge fall that resulted in minor head injury and had a major occurrence that broke me apart. So in that case i gave up riding. Plus i was losing my seat a whole lot. Falling off friends horses, my own horse down south. So here is the story.

At about 2:00PM 06/28/10 me & my horse went on trail to where there is a huge lake you can swim in and a big straight away you can gallop/canter/trot the whole way down if u want. My horse has a horrible way of putting his feet so it **** well of mighta been that he tripped. Well were were cantering along the trail going back home and *boom* tripped once ! Now i dont know about any of your horses but, my horse prances when we are going back home. So as i'm letting him prance I let him break into a canter and since he didnt get to gallop alot i let him pick up the gallop. I can normally keep him into a controlled collected hand gallop but, this time all he wanted to do was run. So what am i going to do stop him? Naw! So i let him gallop. I asked him to slow down and so he did. Broke back into a canter. Exactly what i wanted him to do ... patted him on the neck and told him "good boy beau" I had no idea what was to come next. He trips again! but, this time he didnt make it! He flipped over onto his back HEAD FIRST and once i felt his back end coming off the floor i knew i was going to either 1)get squished and risk being in the hospital
2)jump to the left and land ina pile of sticks
3)jump to right and pray i dont break my neck!

what do ya think i did?! Hell yeah i'm jumping to the right. I jump off of him and he goes tumbling! I coulda **** well been dead! That's how bad he fell onto his back. I'm in the back of him crying in unbelievable pain i've ever felt in my life. He thankfully did NOT get up and run awaii... Instead of running awaii he whinyed until i called out his name... I was in so much pain that he stood there whinying for 2mins straight.. I'll put it into quotes of how it was...

I jump off "holyyy sh*tttt"
*on floor crying watching for beau to get up*
*he gets up and immediately starts whinnying*
me - beau im over here! behind u! beau!
*still whinnying*
me - beau bear over here! come here beau bear!
*he finally turns around in my direction and trots in my direction*

He must of known i was hurt b/c he waited for me to sit up. I was curled up holding my ankle screaming in pain b/c of the fall. I finally sit up and he bows his head. I thought he was itching his leg which he normally does but, he was waiting for me to put my hands around his neck so he could help me up. Let me tell you before he flipped. I saw him put his front legs in front of him and tried so hard not too.. Like he knew I was going to get hurt and he was doing everything possible to have it not happen. HE WAS PROTECTING ME! Anyway, i wrapped my hands around his neck and he pulled me up! Right off the floor! I hopped to the front of his face and patted him on the neck and cried so hard and thanked him for protecting me. A normal horse wouldn't do that! I put my head on his head and thanked him for a good 5 mins.. *still on trail at this point* i walked over to him and held onto him while i was hopping to my stirrup.. YES I WAS IN A SADDLE! grabbed on and he stood perfectly still.. NORMALLY he would walk while i was getting on or he would keep moving but, this time he stood PERFECTLY still! I got on and he walked off. Not holding onto the reins, not in my stirrups. I told him *walk* and he walked off the trail like a perfect little angel. No prancing, no trying to break into a canter. walked real slow! because he knew i was hurt!

Let me tell you! Since i first bought this horse i regret NOTHING. I love this horse! He is my light and without him I don't know what i woulda done when that happened! I love my horse <3 I also went and saw a doctor yesterday for my ankle.. i was making an assumption of how bad my ankle was... i actually ended up with a fractured ankle....

BarrelracingArabian 06-11-2010 06:32 PM

aawwwwww its always good to hear a nice story like that . You and beau have a special bond and that is adorable i miss that with the mare iused to ride i fell a weird way on her shoulder and pushed myself off but ended up in front of her before she could step on me she stopped a sliding stop her hoof barly touched my leg and she backed up as fast as she could.

beauforever23 06-11-2010 07:05 PM

thanks :) i love my gelding so much :) sometimes it's unbelievable how strong of a bond me and him have :)

Gidget 06-11-2010 07:08 PM

This story made me smile.
It's something I picture out of a movie or sweet,touching book.

You have a very special bond with Beau and that has to feel amazing! Your life
was at risk that day and you might of not been alive to tell your story but I'm glad you are okay as well as your pony. I believe you have a guardian angel in your hands :)

beauforever23 06-11-2010 07:22 PM

Thanks :) Ended up with a bad fracture in my ankle. I thank god it was only that. I totally wish everyone was able to meet beau. He's an amazing TB :) thank you so much for commenting :)

Gidget 06-11-2010 07:38 PM

oh I was picturing small tall is he? Do you have any pictures of him? This forum LOVES pictures.

I'm sorry about your ankle but you got really lucky is all I can say.

I was just playing around one day thinking oh I can try this(tried to ride bridleless and just use my legs for cues) she took off and head towards the cattle chutes! I screamed cause I saw I was going to get stuck and be hurtin bad so I bailed and ended up being fine. She's a short fall. I wish my horse wouldn't get a wild hair in her butt so much..I love her though.

beauforever23 06-11-2010 07:51 PM

3 Attachment(s)
well he is 16/3.. kinda feels super tall to me though... pictures :)

Gidget 06-11-2010 07:59 PM

That is one big boy!your horse is two hands plus a little more higher than mine! Look at those big ol feet he has!

I like his halter :)

beauforever23 06-11-2010 08:00 PM

awww thanks :) i bought it off of

beauforever23 06-11-2010 08:04 PM

and yeah he's a real big boy for 16/3 but he's absolutely comfortable :) and no TB personality

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