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Gidget 06-12-2010 02:00 AM

Grazing muzzle.
The vet said a grazing muzzle would be good for my horse since she is a waaaaay easy keeper and well she has coliced. Anyways, I bought one. They only had large so I tried it on my horse. I looked a little big but I made the adjustments on the halter part.Anyways I left it on and went to church with some friends.When I came back she was practically in the same area and with her fly mask and muzzle on she looked like an alien/hannibal lector :shock:and she sounded like darth vader. I looked at the hole and it was by her upper lip. I'm not sure if it truely fits her and how she can even eat. I felt so bad. I was wondering if a "cribbers" muzzle would be better for her because it's like a grid instead of a hole.. I mean is it suppose to be smushed up on their nose cause thats what hers looked like. I probably need to order a regular size. This was from the local tack/feed store.

Here are the pics..first one is what I have and the second one is what I might consider...let me know. and of course i can get it cheaper.

Deluxe Horse Grazing Muzzle

Best Friend Cribbing Free-to-Eat Horse Muzzle

SallyRC123 06-12-2010 02:14 AM

I had to get my horse a grazzing muzzle for much of the same reason you did, plus she had just had a minor bout of laminitis.

You need to start by putting the muzzle on her for short periods of time, and remember, grazzing muzzles are not designed to be worn by the horse 24/7.

With my horse, I would go out in the morning, exercise her (releasing endorphines which suppress hunger, limiting the desire to eat) then after a ride I would fill the muzzle full of carrots/hay so she thought of it as a good thing, not a bad thing - and so that they learn they CAN eat with it on. I then turned her out with it for the rest of the day, going back in the afternoon/evening to take it off so she could have a rest.

At first she was really depressed, and I often found her in the exact same place I left her. =( It made me feel awful, and after about 1 week of this I had had enough. I got to work with a stanley knife and enlarged the hole by about a 1cm radius.

And then, success! The next day I found her in the paddock actually eating with the muzzle on, hanging out with her buddies and feeling much happier.

One more thing, its better for the muzzle to be too big rather than too small, IMO. It should actually be quite loose, and if it looks like its rocking back a forth on her nose don't worry. Make sure theres a good inch space between the end of her mouth and the start of the muzzle.

You could also try 6 hours on with the muzzle, 6 hours off to begin with - and if she's still depressed after a week or so, definately enlarge the whole, and make sure you put carrots inside the muzzle when you put it on so she associates the muzzle with food, rather then UN-food, so to speak.

Good luck!

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