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White Foot 06-12-2010 06:55 AM

Wow abuse much?
Long story short:

A horse at the barn that I've been working with is very spooky and not trustworthy, mostly around men. The problem? -- his owner is a man. Today he is going to a Parelli clinic with me, hopefully he can learn some techniques to help gain the horses trust.

Anyways, he came into the barn yesterday carrying a bridle, and says "I don't know if this means anything to you but this is what they told me to ride him in". I wish, WISH, I took a picture. This bridle I'm not even kidding you had a BIKE chain, for the bit, for the nose band and for the curb strap. Then they had these homemade choppy cut steel on the sides of the bits, I have no idea what for. The "bit" had deep chew makes and gouges taken out of it. I'M not joking at all, no exaggeration. I look at him and said "this is a joke right". :shock:

No friggen wonder why the horse trusts no one. The people who he bought it from actually put that in that poor horses mouth. I've heard so many horror stories about that place but I never could believe them 100%, you know how some people exaggerate. After seeing this I know now they aren't. :-| I'm very sad to know people are actually that disgusting. I want to go to the barn he came from and watch to see how they train so I can report them.

So wow.. I don't even know.

Citrus 06-12-2010 07:05 AM

Oh that sounds awful.... what about them slowing down and showing the horse that men are not spooky? What about training the horse for a lifetime not just a moment? I hope he learns something about horses today with you- that his ego does not get in the way of his horses future.

MacabreMikolaj 06-12-2010 09:09 AM

Standard barrel racing equipment for some people I'm afraid :? Last year at a local barrel racing competition, I witnessed a girl put almost that exact contraption on her horse - the bit looked like a friggin motorcycle chain and it had a chain noseband and curb. I was so disgusted, it took EVERYTHING in me not to say something. I had to walk away.

It absolutely disturbs me how barrel racing is apparently untouchable - it's virtually the only discipline where you can put torture devices on your horse and beat him around and nobody will say anything, even in open and champion competition.

I am sincerely glad to hear this man just sounds ignorant and not actually cruel. It sounds like you can help him out a bit which is awesome. I wish him all the best at the clinic, hopefully he can realize how big the idiots are that he's listening to.

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