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whiskeynoo 06-12-2010 11:12 AM

eugh iv'e had it with all this
oki so basically im sick of my dad and his attitude and everything to do with him. Im trying to worm myself free from the farm and all the trouble there, i feel really bad about it but i see no other option and i cant stand to watch anything else go down the drain.

my dad is the kinda person who's ALWAYS right and he never does anything wrong and its always your fault if something happens. he's not a nice man in general, he has his days where he can be but 9 times outta 10 you dread to say the wrong thing to him. And he has given me alot in the past (i.e the horses).

well anyways, today was the last straw, my mams bf was driving us (me and the other girl who keeps her horse at the farm) back from the lockerbie gala day, my dad had left at bout 11am with his gf and the kids to go camping, he told me that two days ago blaze got out and gave chip a beating and left some horrible cuts, so i went to go check on him today when we got back (never had time in the morning) and oh my got, i was expecting a few cuts and bumps but it looked like he's been impaled on something, his neck has two horrible holes in them, and they're not small either, they smell and they've went septic now, theres no marks on him anywhere else, no bites or bumps either.
what really gets me is that my dad NEVER phoned the vet, NEVER tried to wash it the day it happened, he just left it for two days, i had to cut chips mane off because it was all stuck together with puss and mank, and if i hadnt went down to go check how bad it was he'd most likely still be down there for god knows how long. And he left it up to me to phone the vet (which i couldnt cause i was in tears so my mams bf done it for me) unfortunately they couldnt give us a time as to when they'd come and i had work tonight (i really need the money otherwise i woulda phoned in sick) so i couldnt stay, but my nana said she'd hang around for him.

i feel bad for going behind my dads back and arranging to get my OWN (the horses on the farm are only mine when they suit my dad like when things go wrong, but the truth is, they're all in his name) horse and go somewhere else but i've never felt as down as what i have been when i go to the farm, and im really worried about what will happen to the horses when i do leave. arghh i dunno what to do sometimes i just wish the world would end.

mistygirl 06-12-2010 12:02 PM

i'm sorry to hear that happened i know what its like though to not get along with your dad me and my dad don't talk and when we do its fighting over something stupid. My dad doesn't even know about my horse and hes the one paying for her because my mom doesn't work. so yeah. i hope he ends up ok.

whiskeynoo 06-12-2010 12:21 PM

thank you, i just feel so down lately, we've got no room on the farm for the horses we have let alone more, he's wanting to breed more of them, we've already had 3 born this year and he's wanting to put the same mares back in foal as soon as they come in to season, he wont listen at all when we try tell him to stop, and it always gets left to me to handle them, i used to have a great bond with whiskey when we only had 3 horses because she was the only one id have to deal with, now i just feel like theres no fun it anymore, my dads turning it in to unfun hard work.

mistygirl 06-12-2010 12:26 PM

yeah i'm sorry about all that. i only have one horse so yeah.

Jessabel 06-12-2010 03:12 PM

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. :( That sounds really frustrating. I think you should find somewhere to take your own horse (do you have one now or are you planning on getting one?) and get out of there as fast as you can. It sounds like you've tried reasoning with your dad and it isn't working. I don't know that there's much else you can do short of calling the Humane Society of things continue to decline. If I was you, I'd just get out of there. Then at least you won't have to stand there and watch the mess. If your dad gets upset, tough. He brought it on himself.

whiskeynoo 06-13-2010 05:59 AM

when he bought whiskey he says he bought her for my 10th birthday yet shes still in his name, the way he uses the horses for me is a way of black mail and its taken me soooo long to actually accept that thats what he was doing, like if we every argue or what not he's like "i have to keep your horses here when i could be using the space for sheep or cattle" or "i have to feed your horses when your not here" and he'll threaten to sell them if i don't do things to his standard but then when things are going good with the horses he's like "my horses are amazing" kinda thing.
but now to be honest i couldn't care less if he sells them, at least then i know some of them will most likely be going to a better home, sure i'll miss them loads but i'll get over it eventually.

i've came to a deal with my mams bf, he's spoken to his uncle for me (he has quite a few horses that roam the hills up at his and not many of them have been properly handled) and he says if i do some work with some of the horses i get to pick on for myself.the only problem i see with this is that theres 300 acre in what these horses roam. so finding them on foot could take a while but im looking forward to seeing them even if it takes me all day

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