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justsambam08 06-13-2010 07:36 PM

Saddle suggestions
In light of the fact that I may be getting a job tomorrow morning (interview for a job I'm super qualified for), I'd like to get some suggestions on saddles. I'm looking for maybe an endurance saddle, or at least something comfortable on long trail rides, with a deeper seat. I don't know how I feel about dressage saddles, but I would like something maybe with longer flaps so I can keep my stirrups longer. With or without knee rolls. I was looking at the Wintecs, we have an A/P in the tack room and it is very nice, I like the look of equisuede. I know there's some controversy over CAIR/ the interchangeable gullets, so I'd like some thoughts (preferably from TB owners) on how their horses particularly like the CAIR panels versus the traditional wool flocking. In general, the saddle shouldn't be too expensive (I'm thinking under 700, under 600 would be GREAT) since I'm not looking to show and don't need something show offy or glamerous.

Who even knows if I'm going to be buying a saddle, since the first thing I'm doing is getting Ice checked over by a vet (finally) to see how his legs look and I'm going to see if I can find a chiropractor that's not trying to get the barn to join a pyramid scheme. But yes, I would love to get some suggestions!

Vidaloco 06-13-2010 08:01 PM

Check out they have a used saddle classified section. I just bought a new Clinton Anderson Aussie saddle Aussie Saddle Without Horn :: Downunder Horsemanship but it wasn't cheap. My husband got a used one on Ebay for around $900. We love them, we both prefer an endurance type saddle rather than a full english or western saddle for trail riding. Anything without a horn :lol:
I would look at the Sharon Saares endurance saddles or Synergist Custom Western Horse Saddles by Synergist Saddles if I was in the market for another but they are very pricey as well.

chestnutponies 06-18-2010 04:02 PM

Wintecs are often a good fit for most TBs. I was once told that Wintecs were originally designed to fit a TB-type horse so the tree shape and panel configuration works well for most.

If you aren't sure about the fit, order one from or a similiar place so you can try it before you buy. I know usually has a decent selection of used Wintecs and you could probably get one for well under $600 if they have the size and model you want.

dally 06-18-2010 10:13 PM

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i dont know if you can see really well, but thats a pic of my mare, she is a TB, and my saddle is an HDR. my trainer told me it fitted her well ..

please no comments on the polo wraps, i had a bad day :wink:

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