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poniesponies 06-14-2010 07:59 AM

Phantom Pregnancy??
Hi there,
i have a 9 year old mare who, this year, is having huge hormonal problems!! she has always been a mareish mare, but this is ridicilous!!

Do horses have phantom pregnancies?? Because the signs she is showing now, is like the foal is due in the next couple of weeks!!! Shes not been anywhere near a stallion to start off with!! Her tummy is not swollen out though either. her teats have been filled up more than usual, but then the spring grass has been rather nice and she loves the sun on her back, so i figured shes just been feeling a little too good about herself.

More recently, and by recent i mean Saturday just gone, her teets have become rather filled up, they have started to have a yellowish wax/crystalised stuff on them, i wash it off twice a day and each time its about the size of a broad bean. ive seen mares foaling before, and this i thought to be waxing up, meaning the foals coming in a few days/week or so!! Also, she is constantly weeing/discharging, her back legs are a real mess and i have to wash them once a day with really mild soap, although i am now going to paste them in vaseline, to stop the discharge burning her and also stop the need to wash her all the time as her skin will get dry and sore.

any advice before i rush to get the vet? Obviously if she needs a vet she'll have one, but quite often i worry too much about something that can quite easily be fixed at home!!!

thnaks :)

riccil0ve 06-14-2010 08:26 PM

I hear mares can have phamtom preganancies, but I don't know much about it. I just wanted to point out that a phone call is always free. Just give your vet a call. =]

poniesponies 06-15-2010 04:20 AM

I am well aware a phone call is always free. Thanks!?!

This forum is also free and i was just after some advice from someone who might have experienced the same or similiar.

I have spoken to the vet, and without seeing her they can't really diagnose, obviously, but from what i told them i just need to keep an eye on things.

I dont see this as an emergency, otherwise i would get the vet out. I just was after some advice on how to maybe deal with the situation, or whats going on with her, is this just an extreme "season", or homones gone mad or does she really think she's pregnant, is she likely to stay like this throughout the summer etc etc

p.s her legs weren't covered in discharge last night, they were clean, but her teets still the same. i will post a photo.

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