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farley 06-14-2010 09:19 PM

Help! I cant seperat my horses!
i have been asked to help some friends with their new horses, they have never owned horses before until now. the horses were abandonded on the forty acears they purchaced it two years ago. and they are just now - after they have built their home - are wanting to work and learn to ride them. We dont know much about the horses one is about nine or ten and is pure arab. and the other is a friescian cross about five or six. they are beautiful respectful horses and i have had no problems getting them to lung, back up, flex, pick up their feet or anything really. they are very well broke.

however the friescian goes frantic balistic uncontrolable when we remove Rashia -the arab-, even if hes only a few feet from the gate i have never worked with horses with seperation anxiety to this extent.
and the owners have no way of seperating the horses while in the pasture at this time. so my question is am i at a lost cause or is there a way that we can start seperating the horses with out harming ourselves an/or the horses or making the anxiety worse.

White Foot 06-15-2010 06:04 AM

The only thing you can do is to become the dominant "leader" so the horse can trust you and not look to the other horse for confidence and direction. And with horses with separation issues all you really can do is be consistent. It will take time, alot of time. If the horse trusts you and looks to you for protection it will make the time go faster and easier. Good luck, I would love to see pics.

justsambam08 06-15-2010 07:36 AM

We had a mom/daughter combo come to our trainer wit this exact problem. The baby would become very violent, and the mom would literalyy run herself until she couldn't anymore from separation anxiety. The first thing we did was separate them so that they were next to each other, could see each other, but could not actually touch. If you don't have stalls to accomplish this, you can make another pasture on your 40 acres, and then create a double fence line (one fence is spaced a few feet from the other). And then, just like white foot said, you have to be a leader. You have to have zero tolerance for antics because they will happen.

farley 06-17-2010 11:28 AM

thank you for the advice, i have been working with the horses and their owners for three weeks now helping them better control the horses the friescian shaggy who is usually a bully to the arab rasha has actually redueced his bad behavior toward shaggy we work with the horses everyday for an hour each and have seen an amazing difference between the horses behavior toward each other even with us out of the pasture.

and yesterday we seperated them taking rasha out first and slowing leading him away at incriments as long as both horses kept their feet stil they got to just stand an look at each other but when they moved with out being asked to we lunged them soon both horses stood still for a long while, and where a good 1\4 of a mile apart. we are going to do it again today and where hoping that shaggy will do just as well as rasha outa the pasture =)

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