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Gidget 06-16-2010 01:12 AM

superficial crack near coronet band
I just noticed a superficial crack on my horse's hoof today. It is small in length as well but it goes down a bit and then off to the right. I was wondering if this is could be a serious problem. It doesn't bother her.I am getting shoes on all four feet because her hooves are not really strong. I also noticed a superficial one in the back..this one is long but not deep at all. Is it due to change of weather? weak hooves? dry?(they don't look dry). Since it has reached the coronet band I was wondering if there will always be superficial cracks.
Also my husband's new horse has the driest feet ever. One has a deep crack(he came this way when we got him) and then there are tiny little cracks throughout all his feet. I have some hoof flex that we put on his feet but would biotin help? He has to have shoes on all his life but I do want to see some improvement because they aren't the prettiest.

This isn't his hoof but this is what it looks like

I just want them to be as sound as possible.

Ludo has a bowed tendon and someone put shoes on him that were too small. We had the vet come out to check him over and they told us that. Anyways he has a good home now and we are trying to put some weight on him and the farrier is coming out on thursday.

totalfreedom 06-16-2010 01:43 AM

When you said superficial, I was thinking of just those small surface cracks which are said to be from constant wet to dry enviroments.

But looking at the picture are you talking about your horses hoof having a crack similar to the one on the toe that starts at ground level going all the way to the coronet band?

If so my suggestion is to grow em out maintaining a proper barefoot trim. I've read plenty of people growing out cracks like that by keeping a proper barefoot trim.:D

I don't know much about shod horses though, so I wouldn't know what to do with a shod horse to get rid of em. "I honestly don't think it's possible to grow em out while keeping the horse shod. But like I said my knowledge on shod horses is pretty small. I've heard at least one farrier say they can't be grown out. But she used shoes, and she didn't have knowledge of barefoot trimming."

Also I think this article is worth mentioning.:wink:
DETOX that Horse
If you take a look at the pictures at the bottom you can see how new and shiny the new growth of those hooves look. After reading that article it has me thinking twice about those tiny surface cracks which people say are from constantly going back and forth between wet and dry conditions.

Gidget 06-16-2010 01:49 PM

Thank you. I will check the article out.

The picture of the hoof is the crack the gelding has.
My horse has superficial cracks..very tiny but I don't want it getting worse.

justsambam08 06-16-2010 02:01 PM

Oh my goodness. Is it really that bad to have reached the coronet band? Has your horse seen a farrier recently? I know its common practice to 'notch' a vertical crack to keep it from growing, but what you're describing sort of sounds like only the hoof wall is cracked, since normally vertical cracks like the one you posted stay vertical.

It can take up to two months for hoof supplements to start taking effect, but you may not see the effects in the actual hoof for up to 6 months. My suggestion would be to start applying a hoof conditioner to both your horses feet, it can't hurt :/

totalfreedom 06-16-2010 02:10 PM

I really don't know if there's anything that's commonly known that will get rid of those small superficial cracks. Cept looking at that detox article has really got me thinking that the cracks are really just from the body having toxins that are just lingering in the body. I'm gonna order some of that MOP described in that article so in a few months I can share how it's worked with the small surface cracks that my horses have.:wink:

There's a possibility that there's a fungal infection in the large crack that the gelding has. Is there a little divot on the sole at the toe where the crack is? If there is a infection you can do anti-fungal soaks to help grow the crack out. Then maintain the soaks weekly once the crack is gone to make sure that it won't come back. I haven't had that experience or needed to deal with any deep cracks. So I'm just relaying the knowledge I've gained for situations such as that.

Gidget 06-16-2010 02:12 PM

I have some hoof's this brand

Everyday Hoof Therapy shines while promoting a naturally healthy hoof.

I actually use it on my hands as well =P

I have it here at the house but will start putting it on.
The vet said it will also be a crack and need shoes all his life.
I just don't want his other feet getting to this point so we will condition it starting today. I also have hooflex that I'm been telling my husband to apply to his horses hooves. They are SOOOO brittle and it scares me because you know what they say "no hoof,no horse" and I don't want his feet to get really bad. I don't even know how they could get that bad. It's the worse horse hooves I've ever laid eyes on in person.

totalfreedom 06-16-2010 02:56 PM

I've been trying to find ya some good examples on wall cracks being grown out. But here's the only two I could come up with real quick. I may try to find ya some more cus I've read a lot of success stories of people going barefoot and lots of people saying how they grew out wall cracks. But just trying to find the stories of the cracks through all the people's experience is gonna take some time. It's raining and cold outside so I may spend the day reading anyhow.:-P I enjoy reading all those success stories. And hopefully which ever direction you go you will have a success story to share with those in the future in the same situation.

New Page 11 Not great examples of any cracks going to the coronet band but still good info.

Healthy Hoof - Solutions for Barefoot Performance This one had an injury which caused this crack. And you'll have to click the october 15 link to see the update on the crack. Also not a very good example.

But if I find a good example I'll be back.:wink:

Also I recall reading a different story from that second link while searching for wall cracks of a horse that had very brittle hooves which were turned into gravel crunchers. It might of been this one "dali -..... with thin shelly walls" Healthy Hoof - Solutions for Barefoot Performance I dunno for sure though if that's the one I saw cus I just scanned about four sites and read about a dozen examples. "speed reader.":wink:

Hopefully someone that uses shoes can pop in and share their success for ya. Cus I know very little for using shoes to heal any issues that may show up. And I regret posting in my first post saying the thing about thinking they can't be grown out using shoes. That's just what the farrier lead me to believe when she told me that. And that was only in her experience and there's lots of farriers out there. Hopefully someone will show up and explain how they did it using shoes. But all I know is the proper barefoot trim.

Alwaysbehind 06-16-2010 03:03 PM

Can you take a photo so we have a better idea of what you are talking about? It is hard to imagine because the difference between what you describe and what is in that photo is pretty drastic.

Gidget 06-16-2010 04:20 PM

I defiently can take pictures.
The vet said he has seen worse but this is bad.

My horse..not really worried about it because her's are superficial and with some trimming and MAYBE shoes..(hopefully not) she will be good to go. I was thinking maybe getting her some boots for hard surfaces. Have you guys heard of the rubber horse shoes and if so do they work and how long do they last.

Gidget 06-17-2010 12:25 AM

Gahh, I forgot my memory card at home today. Brought the camera with me though,lol. I will get pictures tomorrow.

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