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jazzyrider 02-02-2008 04:24 AM

starting regular does this sound?
as many of you know i am now able to regularly exercise my horses and along with that comes getting some serious training happening with jarred.

ive also bought the pessoa lunging system to use as a training aid but ive been told to go slow with it otherwise i might do more harm than good. sooo, how does this sound?

im planning on lunging every second day and riding every other day at this stage. today i started lunging but only with side reins so as not to go too hard to soon with the lunge system. i kept the side reins long enough that would have about the same contact as i would have when riding him. i figure ill do that for a week or so and then slowly tighten them over the next few weeks and then around the end of the month ill start with the pessoa system.

today i only lunged for about 5 minutes each side but i figure ill work my way up to 10 each side.

once i start with the pessoa i was figuring ill spend about a month on each method. there are four methods starting from a reasonably loose set up right up to set up for fully engaged position.

am i going to slow with this or am i on track? he has very little muscle at the moment and i dont want to rush him or hurt him.

tayahswirl 02-02-2008 01:26 PM

Well, it just really depends on the horse & how well he adapts to things, don't ever set things in stone with training.

Your right with starting slow, especially if he's not been worked very much, and hasn't had much experience with lunging, especially with side-reins and the pessoa system. However, make sure your horse minds you on the lunge before using the pessoa, I mean, doesn't run around crazily and spook at just about everything...It can be very dangerous, and even when using the side-reins.

From what it looks like, it may take longer than you have in mind with the pessoa system, I mean, you don't need to be lunging more than 2-3x a week at most [like full-workouts] and when you begin in the pessoa, start with it very loose and only do it for a little while, so the horse gets the hang of the entire feel of the device, like the side-rein things and the thing around the hindquarters [can't remember what its called].

Do go in order with the 'level' of steps in the pessoa, start with the long and low. But if you don't plan on driving or dressage really, I wouldn't recomend doing the top setting...We do hunters at my barn and only do the bottom two levels, & possibly the third if its really needed...But then again, its your horse...If you've never used it before, get some help before you even begin to use it, find a trainer or somebody with experience with it, or you can end up with bigggg problems.

Not sure if that helps, but I hope so =] Just remember, take your time with things and don't push him too hard.

jazzyrider 02-02-2008 06:25 PM

i do plan on dressage so i do want to go up to the fourth setting however long it takes. hes a warmblood...i would be wasting him if i didnt do dressage :D:D:D:D

i didnt mention in the original post that he would have a day off so the lunging would only be happening 3 days a week.

hes good on the lunge and is very cool and calm about it all :) he knows what to do. i was lunging him in a 60x40 arena yesterday and he was doing 20m lunge circles without a lunge line so im guessing he will do ok there :)

thanks for your input

Sara 02-02-2008 07:01 PM

Seems about'll just have to watch his reactions to see how takes to it. Just make sure you are warming up and cooling down without side reins.

jazzyrider 02-02-2008 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Sara
Seems about'll just have to watch his reactions to see how takes to it. Just make sure you are warming up and cooling down without side reins.

ive only used the side reins once on him (yesterday) and i warmed up and cooled down without them :)

im doing other things to get him used to the thing being round his butt. often when i use the lunge line to lunge i do things like attaching it to the opposite side and bring it around his butt and move him around to go the opposite way than he was facing. he doesnt mind it then so im hoping he will get used to the new one quickly :)

Delregans Way 02-03-2008 10:45 PM

:) Hey there!!

Yeh your plan sounds awesome! I have a pessoa lunging system too, it does work wonders!! Some people dont agree with side reins (but thats following PCAQ rules (Pony Club). But i personally think side reins do help with the horses balance, if used correctally.

A little tip... take before photoes, and then in 3months even, take some photoes and compare them! The hard work really does pay off!! :wink:

Goodluck :D

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