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Gidget 06-17-2010 03:57 PM

Issues after Issues....Going to get lessons.
I feel like I'm posting every other minute on here and sometimes it's embarassing because I work with my horse and we do fine but then it goes to crap again and lately it seems like it's never ending! I don't know what to do. I was working with her last night and she wouldn't stop trying to gallop and I just want to do a trot. I did my circles and she would then be good but shortly after her urge to get back to the gate came back. I'm wondering if she also thinks that going back to the gate means she is done working since I always get off and walk her somewhere away from the horses so my tack won't get damaged by the young ones.
I think all I can do is get lessons. I think it's my only hope because if I get one thing down another problem seems to pop up and yes,it can be a bit frustrating at times. Of course there is no way I'm getting rid of her because she doesn't listen to me half the time. I just think that I need to be shown some things WITH my horse and not learn on someone elses's horse.
What do you look for when trying to find a good trainer. I don't want to have someone that says they can teach me when they don't give lessons really. I had something similar happen and well it never got me anywhere.

loosie 06-17-2010 08:38 PM

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It does indeed sound like lessons would be a good move. But first & foremost I'd try to ensure you've ruled out/treated any potential pain issues, as this is also a huge cause of this type of behaviour. Saddle fit, back probs, mouth/teeth/bit issues, foot pain... are among some of the potential causes.

Next, while this might sound pedantic(I often do:-P), it might be about your attitude of 'working' with your horse & you should instead strive to *play* with her. It may just be a mindset issue, or you may benefit from quitting doing whatever you're 'working' on for now & do different stuff, such as tricks & ground games. Or it may be about using a different approach, using a lot more positive reinforcement(Good Stuff), not just negative(removal of pressure).

What to look for in a trainer/instructor..... I would first ask anyone who's opinion you respect for references. Then I'd go watch them work with other horses/riders. Then I'd ask them lots of questions to get a feel for their attitude & approach. Eg. I'd be looking for someone who has a lot of respect and consideration for the horse, not just a bossy 'do this, do that! Make him behave!' type. Not just someone who attempts to force you & the horse into stuff you're not ready or comfortable doing.

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