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Equina 02-02-2008 04:35 AM

Share your BEST and WORST eBay stories!!
So, I hear a lot of varying opinions regarding purchasing Tack and Horse Products on eBay. Let's hear your BEST and WORST times on eBay!!

My BEST: I'd say...about a year ago, I found a tack shop selling two brand new Masta Turnout Heavyweight waterproof/breathable blankets size 84 with the full neck coverage for $15 each Buy-it-Now!! Their retail price was $225 at the time. I didn't even own a horse, but I snagged them up fast! Six months down the road, I bought my first horse...winter came along...and wa-lah he's an 84!

My WORST: I haven't had too many bad experiences...but one time I bought a Crosby saddle and the seller shipped it in a box that they picked up from the Grocery Store that was used to hold fruit (the kind with the little air holes). Well, the box couldn't handle USPS and it got smooshed and broke the Crosby's tree! Luckily, I had paid for insurance, and (eventually) got my money back from USPS (minus the shipping fees of course).

upnover 02-03-2008 10:30 PM

I found a beautiful Delgrange saddle, barely ridden in. No one bid on it so I worked out a deal with the seller when the auction ended and bought it for $1700!!! (they sell new for 3,700). It wasn't broken in, it wasn't oiled, there were no stirrup marks! I love it! I talked to a dealer at a show and he told me that he would buy it from me for several hundred dollars more... I said no. :D
I buy and sell tons of stuff on Ebay. I haven't really had bad experiences other then buying cheap stuff that falls apart. I try to be pretty careful though.

kitten_Val 02-04-2008 06:29 AM

We touch only horsey stuff, don't we? :)

OK. Best: I did buy leather sidepull with wide leather noseband (instead of traditional stiff rope). Very mild and I used it to start my youngster. The price was something like $20. It was hand-made one with really nice quality oil-color leather, and fancy browband. Fitted my horse well too.

Worst: I got sidepull from (the one with stiff rope on nose). Paide soemthing like $40. First, I found out it's India-made (which they "forgot" to mention). I don't mind cloth from there, but I found out the horsey stuff made there are VERY poor quality. Well... The noseband BROKE after 5 times use for 30 mins or so. Right in front of the barn when I was saddling my horse (thank God, NOT in field as I'd be just bucked off from my high-spirited youngster). Took me 3 months to get the refund and even though they didn't give me money back, but I picked up other things from store for the same amount. :( NEVER AGAIN!

Vidaloco 02-04-2008 08:23 AM

I bought my first Don West saddle on ebay for $900 used. They sell new for around $2000. I loved it, finally breaking down and buying a new one and giving the used one to my husband. Its his regular saddle now but still keeps an eye out on ebay for another in a different style.
The bad side is the same as other posters buying cheap india made stuff and having it fall apart or or not be what I expected.
Its usually 'you get what you pay for'.

Abby 02-04-2008 01:20 PM

I bought an English bridle complete with reins and caveson and when I got it, it said it was made in India. I was a little disappointed but I used it anyway keeping my old one with me whenever I rode it JUST in case. Surprisingly it is hasn't shown any signs of wear at all and it is actually my favorite bridle. It fits my horse very well and he's got a teeny tiny little head. I only had to drill one hole this time. Whenever I buy a bridle I usually have to drill half-a-dozen cheek-holes to make it fit and this one fit well Not only that but the brow band fits snugly against his head without flopping around or squeezing.

I think I got lucky but I love it. :]

kitten_Val 02-05-2008 06:51 AM

I think, you are lucky, Abby! :) I got India stuff 3 or 4 times (mostly because people didn't mention where it's made) and quality was bad every time. In fact chinese stuff are better (although not much). Lol!

blossom856 02-05-2008 11:02 AM

I'm in the middle of a dispute right now about a saddle I bid for and won. I sent payment 8 days ago and I just got an email saying that payment hasn't been received. I sent an email giving this lady a piece of my mind. First off I was given to different addresses. I sent payment to the address I got from checkout. Then I receive an email that says to send it somewhere else. It's in the same city and state just a different street. I emailed this lady and she said she would go and get my payment. Now she's trying to tell me I haven't paid. Well she's got another thing coming. I can prove I paid because I used a money order and I still have the receipt. Up until this point I'd only had good experiences on ebay.

HrsGrl323 02-05-2008 04:22 PM

Well it wasn't for horses, but my mom bought me a quilt on e-bay and she sent pyment and we never got the shipment so she called the local poliece where the seller lived and it turned out that she was known for selling things she didn't even have so we did eventually get the payment. Then there was also the time she bought me a bryer horse barn for christmas and only half of it showed up. the guy said he would look for the other parts but long story short he never found them, and my mom ended up buying me a different one from sams club.

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