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TheLastUnicorn 06-18-2010 01:33 PM

Hello, from BC
I was told I "needed" to do this by a fellow member who introduced me to this forum. :-P

Here it goes... I'm a 27yr old female from BC, Canada. I've been riding horses since I was a child, and started training when I was 12 (under the guidance of several coaches and trainers).

I started riding dressage, then began doing hunter/jumper... later adding some western to it.

When I was 18 I got the chance to work with wild horses, as well as study how their herds worked. I spent about 8 months in that job, and learned not only about the horses, but also a lot about myself.

After getting back from that trip I more or less just worked with my own horses, taking some time to get some other work experience and generally just growing up.

I currently own 6 horses, my non-hubby owns one, we also board for a few people in our small community. Our horses include - 2 Clydesdales, 3 American Saddlebreds, 1 PaintX, and 1 Shetland type pony (we're not totally sure of his heritage.. he's little and hairy :lol: ). Some of our horses came from great homes, others from homes that were far less than ideal.

In the future we are hoping to begin a very small scale breeding program for American Saddlebred/Draft crosses (there's a "baby" registry for this blend of horses, International Georgian Grande, and the cross has been very consistent), and I'm hoping to promote this blend as an all around athlete as well as being very "people friendly". First we're going to get each potential breeding stock trained and going well... then go from there.

We have tried hard to set up a place where horses can be close to their natural state, while still being able to work with people. Our horses have large pastures with varied terrain and live with other horses with as little interference from people as possible while they aren't being asked to work with us. The "dream" is to show people how they can be with horses in a way where the horse teaches as much as learns.

My boarders and some students have come to me for my approach, others have come because they enjoy the concept that there is something very valuable that horses can help teach us about life.

That's far from "all" about me, but I figured you're probably all bored to tears now .. so perhaps I should just have said "Hi".

MIEventer 06-18-2010 01:48 PM

I am glad you are here :) message is short, but that's only because you and I talk all the time on FB :P

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