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Sphi 06-18-2010 04:56 PM

Jumping Critique (videos)
Time for another critique! This time I have videos. :) Any advice is greatly appreciated! Also I know we don't get our leads right after the jumps, we're working on it though!

horsegirlmaddy 06-18-2010 06:24 PM

You look good- nice hands and elbows, your leg looks pretty strong and your heel is down (could be down more!)

Your pony appears to be approaching the jumps slightly crooked. Look at the first video- your inside leg is the only thing keeping him on the approach, but his neck is bent away and his shoulder is slightly dropped to the inside with the outside one slightly bulging. Keep his attention focused on the jumps; try vibrating the rein opposite to the dropped shoulder (whichever way he's turning away from) a little to remind him of what he's doing and snap his attention back towards the fence.

Looks really good :)

x Branded Heart x 06-19-2010 02:00 PM

Just a warning before I start, I can come off as a little harsh sometimes but nothing mean is intended!!
So to begin, lets start with your horse :)
He leaves the ground with his hind legs pushing off evenly. His front legs are loose but it could just be him being a little lazy or, the result of not enough release. I also noticed that he comes at the jumps crooked and does not travel in a straight line. It looks to me as if he just needs practice because his confidence is low, but that just comes with time!
Now onto you..
You look like a good strong little rider. You have good control over your horse. You stay calm and quiet and I admire that! :)
You have a nice flat back and you are looking to your next jump. I noticed in the first video, you are a little ahead of the motion (your crotch is over the pommel rather than over the seat where it should be) because your leg has slid back. You have still managed to keep your heels down, which is good. You really need to sink your heel down (which will help you flex your calf muscles) and really hold onto the barrel of your horse with your calves, keeping your foot by the girth. This will make it easier for you to keep your crotch over the seat, so you can push your bum back. You have also dropped your elbows a bit, which has over exaggerated your two point and made you fold over too much. So using your stomach muscles to hold up your tummy about 3 inches above your horses neck. Your hands are in a good spot for your release but once you move your body up so you are not laying on your horses neck, you can line up your forearms along your horse's crest and do a proper crest release.
Also, in the second video, I noticed your leg had rotated and your knee was not in contact with your saddle at all! Just watch that you keep your toes forward and pointing towards your horse's ears!
Overall, good jump :) You have a nice jumping style, as does your horse.
So keep up the great work !!

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