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alexischristina 06-20-2010 03:25 AM

annoyed ):
Don't get me wrong, I love her, I appreciate what she does so so much, but some people just don't understand when they're being unreasonable.

She's scared of my horse, I think so anyway. She wants me to get out there and ride him, but that's it. We took him to a show, first time off property since we got him, second time ever in a trailer and he did well given the circumstances. I made the mistake of taking him out of the ring and well... lets just say he'd never seen a cross country course before, and he wanted to give it a try (nobody got hurt- we got him calmed down, it was ok, don't worry), but since then she's adamant that he'll NEVER make a good show horse, he'll never jump nicely (even though we made it over all the little fences, not very pretty, but he was more interested in eating the decorative flowers than doing th course, he wasn't being bad just curious, she doens't know the difference), and I need to 'resign to the fact that he'll be a nice trail horse... but nothing else'.

What gets me though is the fact that YES, the issues we've had HAVE scared me, but I'm willing to work through them. I want to hire a trainer, because I can't do it on my own, and I have offered multiple times to find a trainer she'll approve of and fork over the cash myself.
The thing is... she... doesn't like to spend money, and she thinks that anybody who has ever owned a horse is capable of training a horse (yeah mom, so why can't you do it then? :-x) and constantly comes to me with "well I have a friend who can come help..." or "so and so says..." half of them are Western riders, which is fine for the basics, and the other half have some VERY questionable 'training' methods that had my 16 hh 'you don't scare me' gelding cowering in the corner of his paddock and being even more of a bum after.

That was a little while ago, finally, FINALLY she comes to me with a 'friend' that can actually get something done. The same lady I'm free leasing two ponies off of- and given the state of these ponies, the fact that EVERYBODY around here knows her name and what she's done with her other horses... she's good. $50 an hour good? I don't know, why? There is NO consistency. My mum agreed to pay for it because she acknowledges the fact that, had it been up to me, his problems would have been looked into a LONG time ago and would not have gotten this bad. The thing is, she's her 'friend', she's going through a 'hard time' (I work for her on a week-to-week basis, I've never seen her happier) and the arrangements just aren't getting made. I've talked to her myself, but my mum is still so reluctant to have her out and I don't understand why she'd rather have me out on a still-green-at-6 problem horse without a trainer than have a horse that will live up to his full potential and actually do something that doesn't involve becoming pasture puff.

Not to mention the fact that she seems to think anything that's convenient is fine to feed them. Nothing dangerous has come out of it, in all the years we've owned horses we've only had one bought of colic, but the energy mash is so not working in our favour.

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