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HUntet02 06-22-2010 03:15 PM

Roached back when riding, leaning
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I am writing in reply to start some more talks on the below thread that helped me so much with its replies (thread to old to reply to). I for some reason have started leaning forward, roaching my back and no matter how much I "will" my 'hiney' to get in the seat I cannot get it there. This doesn't happen all the time but I'm ready to go have a back specialist look at my back for problems since this is becoming quite embarrassing. I've rode since I was young but that doesn't mean you ride correctly and I"m ready to hear the ugliness I guess to correct this. Not sure why I"m doing this, have a new horse, borrowed saddle but I seem to do the leaning forward in both saddle at a higher speed. I am taking lessons and have been told to ride bareback and I do try but please offer more suggestions.

Here's some of the ugly-back pics basically its when I get thrown off balance, I can see in the 2007 pic my stirrups aren't short enough to have a good leg under myself. And in the very last picture I was trying like the dickens to slow my very green, first time in arena girl down.

I never used to do this, but about three months ago I picked up the new habit of roaching my back to help me sit the canter. It's really annoying and is an ugly habit. I don't like slamming down on my horses back (when im riding a choppy horse), so for some odd reason I started to roach my back to hold me to the saddle. Though it does work it's ugly to look at and I know i'll get marked down in shows for doing it.

Yes I know this means that im not using my seat properly, you dont have to tell me, haha.

Any tips to help me break the habit?

Gidget 06-22-2010 03:26 PM

In the second picture your posture is fairly good except the stirrups being a tad long. I don't see you roaching your back on that picture but the other pictures I can see what you are talking about.
I don't have any tips of helping you beause I'm a new rider and still learning the ropes. Do you do this only when riding or do you do it it also when you are doing your daily routines or even sitting in a chair? Have you had a back injury of any sort? I think it's a good thing you are going to a doctor for this. You might be able to find some answers. Let him know about when you ride...if you can show him pictures so he knows what you are talking about.

barrelracer892 06-22-2010 03:33 PM

If you trained yourself to get into it, then surely you can help yourself get out of it. Practice, practice, practice. Start at a slower pace, telling yourself to straighten up, then as you master the slower pace gradually get go faster. Toes up, heels down, hands low, look up, sit up straight. Just repeat those to yourself over and over again as you ride. Hope this helps a little. Good luck! :]

HUntet02 06-22-2010 03:34 PM

My back is also not straight up and down when sitting at computer all day. I think it has a lot to do with strong abs which I definetly don't have anymore

MeganMafia 06-22-2010 04:01 PM

I used to do the same thing right after i came back from a serious back injury.

In order to correct it, I would roll my shoulders back(quite dramatically) to straighten myself and whenever I felt myself roaching i would roll them back again. Its kind of hard to explain so tell me if I'm not making sense. This really helped me build my muscles back up and now I dont have the problem.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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