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alexischristina 06-23-2010 05:58 AM

Pony Feet - Hoof Supplements
I don't know if it was just the farrier that did a crappy job, but my horses feet aren't in great shape...

Here's the situation:

We had an issue with Chick's feet (read: foot that she dented in attempts to flee the trailer) so we called out the farrier, she did all three horses.

Tango, two days after getting his feet done was so sore that I swore something was wrong with his nerves, the connections weren't there and I cried because it looked like he'd gone dead-lame in all four legs and would never walk again.
Turns out I'm not the only drama-queen, he was fine the next day, still a little tender, but fine.

Now Chick and Heidi, the two ponies... their feet are more or less falling apart. All four feet on both ponies have some 'lovely' cracks/very rough edges, and Chick as a triangular chunk missing out of one of her hinds- all superficial, none of these ugly things are bothering them, but they are tender to walk on gravel.

The thing is, we keep our horses barefoot, the horses have a choice, they can roam the sand arena, grass field, rubber stall or gravel paddock, they spend enough time on the gravel to keep their feet worn down, but we've never had 'problems' before. I don't want to shoe all three of them if I don't have to (no cracks AT ALL in Tango's feet, nothing wrong with them now he's pretty tank) but I was wondering what exactly the purpose of 'hoof supplements', and if it would be worth it to give them a try, or if we should settle for shoes? Either way, I wouldn't want hind shoes, I know they're a touchy subject, but I'd like to stay away from them- the ponies beat up my big guy, he's pretty tank now, ad some shoes in and maybe not so much, haha.

But yes, what do you guys recommend? I'm definitely switching farriers, not sure I like her too much.

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