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totalfreedom 06-23-2010 04:04 PM

gardening...and secret soil mixes
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I began learning last winter about gardening and I now have the space for a garden so I planted one.

In my research I learned some valuable things. Things like using biochar, and rock dust, and making a good loose soil mixture.

I'm gonna show some comparison photos of the difference of growth that is achieved using healthy organic soil.

The first photos are of just dirt that has been used for gardening for the past 30 or more years. There has routinely been added and tilled in some aged manure from the manure pile. It has possibly even been fertilized with commercial non-organic chemical fertilizers.

The second set of photos show the raised beds I made this spring. And in this soil I used coco fiber, vermiculite, aged manure, biochar, and rock dust. Then I added some mycorrhizal fungi to the top of the bed once I had all those other ingredients mixed together and gave it a nice watering.

The pictures are of cabage starts bought from a local greenhouse. They were both the same size when bought and the smaller ones in the regular dirt were planted a week earlier than the ones in my raised bed.

The fungi, biochar, and rock dust are the three most important things that I added to my raised bed to bring about that phenomenal growth.

totalfreedom 06-23-2010 04:08 PM

Here's a good site to learn about the rock dust and what it does and why it's important.

REMINERALIZE THE EARTH - Home Check out the size of them vegetables.:shock: Not to mention how loaded with minerals and goodness they have because of the rock dust.

And even though the garden season is already underway you can still add the rock dust as a top dressing and just water it in.

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