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AngelWithoutWings54 06-25-2010 03:38 PM

Not Dropping to Pee?
I have a 13 y/o Arabian Cross (or so we think) gelding. The other day, when I was at the barn, he peed while I was in the stall, and I noticed that he didn't drop to pee. Is this common, or should he be dropping? Could it have been that I was in the stall and he was embarrassed to drop (can horses get embarrassed? These are important questions. lol.)?

I know that he probably needs his sheath cleaned, but I think I might get the vet to show me how first... :shock: I don't wanna go poking around in there when I don't know what I'm doing.

So, back to my original question, should he be dropping to pee?

Speed Racer 06-25-2010 03:42 PM

No, horses don't get embarrassed the way people do.

C'mon, they have sex in front of everybody, so what makes you think peeing in public is going to suddenly make them shy? :wink:

Some horses don't drop all the way. I've noticed this mostly with TBs, for some reason. My Arab geldings hang it all out and let loose, and my TB will push just the tip past his sheath.

Your gelding could probably use a good sheath cleaning, but I don't think that has anything to do with whether or not he's dropping to urinate.

AngelWithoutWings54 06-25-2010 03:46 PM

^Haha! That comment made me laugh. lol. I don't think he's ever had his sheath cleaned (at least not in the two years that I've known him. I've only owned him for about two months.) So when the vet comes I'll ask about it.

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