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TaMMa89 06-25-2010 06:29 PM

Poem of the Day
As we already have a topic about the photo of the day, I think I'd set one for poetry too since I know we've some poets here. So share your poem or few poems of the day, no matter if it's old or new, just that it's yours and describes something about the day or you. Also critique is welcome.

Here are few of mines (older):

The Final Goodbye

I stand here on a bridge
cold wind blows right through me
I hope it will numb my heart
so I wonít feel the pain
for the thing that Iím gonna do.
I look down from the bridge
water looks so gloomy and deep
I bet itís freezing cold.

I have a picture.
A picture of you.
It brings so many sweet memories
back to me
But I know now itís time
to let it all go.
So I kiss the picture
very last time
Gently as it could fade away
when my lips touch it.

ďIím sorry hunĒ
I whisper in wind
ďI would have loved to carry on
But I know there will never be
you and me.
So I know now itís time to give it up
I hope the life will treat you well
And somebody will make you happyĒ.

I lift my hand
And throw the picture down from the bridge.
I watch how wind pulls it in air
till it falls down
to gloomy water
and I stay watching
how black waves
Wash it finally away.

I know some tears
go down my face
but I donít even feel
When them drop to same water
which just washed my heart away.
ďIím so sorryĒ
I try to say
but wind takes my words away.
ďIím so sorry
But I have to carry on
with my life
Without youĒ.

I turn around
And wrap my mantle
tighter around me.
While walking away
I know
I will carry the ghost of your picture
in my heart forever
But I couldnít just carry you

Life must go on.

Carry on

Maybe the sun doesnít shine every day
Maybe you fall and find hard
to get back on your feet again
Maybe you fail
and need to carry it with you
for years
or the rest of your life.

But remember,
Without rain
you canít feel the sun
Without falling sometimes
you canít know
the joy of going ahead
and standing on your own feet

You can carry something
very valuable
with the mistake you did.

SilverStallion 06-27-2010 09:11 AM

Not technically a poem but one of my favourites:

The following is the traditional horse's prayer. The name of the author has been lost over time, but the prayer is touching and I've always believed it should be shared. The prayer is written from the horses point of view.

The Horses Prayer

Feed me, give me water, and care for me, and when the day's

work is done, give me shelter, a clean bed and a wide stall.

Talk to me. Your voice often substitutes for the reins for me.

Be good to me and I will serve you cheerfully and love you.

Don't jerk the reins and don't raise the whip.

Don't beat or kick me when I don't understand you,

but rather give me time to understand you.

Don't consider it disobedience if I don't follow your commands.

Perhaps there is a problem with my saddle and bridle or hooves.

Check my teeth if I don't eat, maybe I have a toothache.

You know how that hurts.

Don't halter me too short and don't dock my

tail... it's my only weapon against flies and mosquitoes.

And at the end, dear master, when I am no longer any use to you,

don't let me go hungry or freeze and don't sell me.

Don't give me a master who slowly tortures me to death and lets me starve,

but rather be merciful and take care of me,

by letting me run and enjoy a warm pasture.

Let me request this of you and please don't regard it as disrespectful

if I ask it in the name of Him who was born in a stable like me.


TaMMa89 07-17-2010 06:43 PM

Okay, here comes a new one:

Wild horse

You’re like a wild horse
I watch out of a window
And see it grazing in the field
Among those trees so green.

When I look in its wild eyes
I see a reflection of you
And its alert lonely moves
Remind how far I’m from you.

Like I’d like to ride it
Fly across that field so green
I’d like to touch you body
Run my hands all over you.

But like that wild horse
I know I will never get you
I once reached my arm toward it
And it was gone just like you.

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