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inaclick 06-26-2010 04:59 PM

Horse Treats
hello guys

I went today as volunteer to the same center where ****ed_evans volunteers.
I plan on doing this most often as I can.

I intend to bring whatever I can such as money - when I have any :) - blankets, medical aid...and treats!

However I do not know much about horse care. This is a great place for me to learn but I do not want to make mistakes on the way.

At riding school I was usually awaited by trainer + horse already fed, groomed, tacked etc so I deeply lack in this.

I want to bring them treats but I dont know which ones are actually not so good for them. I'll make a list of all stuff I would bring and maybe you guys could say which ones are NOT good

1. Carrots
2. Apples
3. Sugar? - -> my trainer said however that sugar is bad for teeth, makes them thirsty and cuts down appetite.
4. Cabbage
5. Green Salad?
6. Cucumbers
7. Toasted bread - > I have been told today that fresh bread isn't a good idea at all. How about toast?
8. I guess any chocolate derivates are a big nono, huh?
9. Beet?
10. Mint candies?
11. Crackers? (salty biscuits)

I can't think of anything else but if you can suggest others and most importantly cut of my list those not healthy I would appreciate it a lot


O snap. There's a similar thread right downhill on this page.
Can anyone delete this (now) useless thread of mine? I think i found all needed info on the other thread!

SilverStallion 06-27-2010 08:37 AM


1. Carrots)apples and carrots are favorites among horses
2. Apples)and very good for them!
3. Sugar? - -> my trainer said however that sugar is bad for teeth, makes them thirsty and cuts down appetite. Do not, absolutely not, sugar cubes or the like are not good for horses!
4. Cabbage cabbage can cause your horse to colic. It is harmful to their immune System and stomach.
5. Green Salad? I do not know about green salad, sorry
6. Cucumbers cucumber is fine, but not a lot.
7. Toasted bread - > I have been told today that fresh bread isn't a good idea at all. How about toast? Feeding horses bread really isn't safe and can/could cause choke, colic, or even founder.
8. I guess any chocolate derivates are a big nono, huh? big nono
9. Beet? Beet pulp, rich in energy and protein, soak before feeding
10. Mint candies? It is "safe" to give mint candies to your horse, but I don't know if they are good for them or not
11. Crackers? (salty biscuits) Don't know
Special Note: Horses should not be fed peanuts, because they cannot digest them and it clogs their intestines. According to one vet, peanut butter will not hurt them. Please use your own judgment or check with your vet when in doubt.

Tasty Pony Boppers


1¼c Rolled Oats

¾c Dry Oats

½c Flax Seed

1 Scoop Trifecta©

1c Molasses

¼c Flour

2c Performance© Grain(soaked)


First, Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all dry ingredients together in medium to large bowl. Then, mix molasses and soaked grain together in a small bowl, then mix into large bowl. After that, ball up into small, flattened patties and place on a cookie sheet. Bake until well baked or a little bit burnt so they are really crunchy after they cool! Bon Appetite! Your horse WILL go bonkers over these delicious little crunchy bites of heaven...And a very healthy treat at that! OR…you can not add the Trifecta© and you can also add any special goodies that your horse enjoys!

Whynnie's Wonderful Yumyums

1cup flour
1/2 cup mollases
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1cup sugar
Any extra treats such as apple/oats/carrots/pepperments crushed/grated
Preheat oven for 350 degrees F. First, mix sugar, flour, and crushed/grated goods. Then add liquid goods. Stir until well blended. The mix should be sticky, but not too runny. If it is too runny, add flour, if it is to thick, add a little more mollasses and oil. Cook for 10-15 min. Apply more time if it's neccessary. they should be crunchy when you are done, let cool in fridge.

Oat 'n' Apple Chewies

Treat your horse or pony to these simple squares made of wholesome ingredients. Keep them fresh in the fridge. Remember not to feed too many of any treat too often.

1 ½ cups unsweetened applesauce
1 cup oat bran cereal or ground oatmeal
½ cup all purpose flour (approx.)

Preheat oven to 350F
Oil a 9inch x 9inch square cake pan
Spread the batter evenly in the cake pan and bake for 20-30 minutes. The batter will start to shrink away from the sides and it will be firm to the touch.

Slice into squares while still warm. Keep chewies in the refrigerator in an air-tight container or bag.

Molasses Cookies Horse Treats

Your horse will love the sweet crunchiness of these cookies. They keep well in an air-tight container. Never feed too many treats too often.

1 ½ cup all purpose flour
1 cup bran
1 cup molasses
1 cup grated carrot or apple

Preheat oven to 375F
Oil two cookie sheets
Put aside a small bowl of white sugar and a drinking glass with a flat bottom.
In a large bowl mix all the ingredients thoroughly. The mixture shouldn’t be too wet, and should stick together.

Add more flour to make the mixture firmer and hold together if necessary. Drop by teaspoonfuls, about 1 ½ inches apart on a greased cookie sheet. Grease the bottom of the glass, dip it in the sugar, and stamp the cookies to flatten them slightly. Bake for about 10 minutes. This makes about 25 cookies, depending on the size. Store in an air-tight container or bag.

Hope I helped

inaclick 06-27-2010 01:09 PM

Thanks a bunch! it helped a lot yes :)

Today I went for the safe way and brought them only carrots.

SilverStallion 06-27-2010 01:12 PM

No problem :-)

xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-27-2010 01:24 PM

Might I suggest this be stickied. I think it'd be good to share your little recipes for healthy treats!

SilverStallion 06-27-2010 01:26 PM

Sorry but I am new here, how do you "stickie" a post?

xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-27-2010 01:28 PM

I think the moderators do it. :P

ridergirl23 06-27-2010 01:45 PM

why is sugar bad for horses? I have been feeding sugar to horses all my life, lol.

I think everything on that list except for bread and chocolate, i would feed my horse. Ive never heard of salad or cabbage?!?!
you can always go and buy krunch. Any horse ive been around liked it. and it comes in huge bags. :)

SilverStallion 06-27-2010 03:10 PM

Sorry, I should have been more accurate:

Some horses are insulin-resistant (diabetic). That means their bodies have a hard time processing sugar. Sugar comes not just from treats, but from grasses and hays as well. Recent studies indicate that certain types of non-structural carbohydrates and sugars can be a leading cause of laminitis.

If a horse is sugar intolerant, do not feed hard candies, sugar cubes or molasses treats at all. Instead, go with fibrous treats or the natural sugar in fruits (fructose) for a safe sweet treat. There are also low sugar prepared treats on the market that you can purchase if you feel unsure about regulating the sugar in your horse's diet on your own.

Even if your horse is not sugar intolerant, they would benefit from avoiding sugary treats in their entirety. It seems that many people associate giving a horse a treat with giving them a sweet one. However, horses are not humans! Although we bipedals may seek out Ben & Jerry's for a snack, a horse seeks out fiber-rich foods for a satisfying graze.

Therefore, consider a broader array of treats for your horse that are fibrous rather than sweet. In the wild, horses munch leaves, herbs, flowers, nuts and seeds.

Hope I explained better :-)

ridergirl23 06-27-2010 03:16 PM

ok, that makes sense! My mare didnt even like sugar(and still some days doesnt like/want it) which i always thought was the weirdest thing! but now i know why, thank you.

My old horse LOVED sugary treats, black liquorice(sp?), anything with sugar, he loved. but my new mare, she likes apples,carrots,and anything without very much sugar. funny how some ave different prefrences. One treat i find lots of horses like are black liqourice, and krunch. :)

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