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Draftgirl17 06-26-2010 05:37 PM

Spotted Draft
I don't want to cause a huge thing, but i have to know does the Spotted Draft registry have a closed stud book? There is a situation going on (it's quite along story) and this one person is saying that they are all grades because it's doesn't have a closed stud book and all this stuff. I'm not so sure on this as a couple people have said they are a breed and recognized and what not. However i wanted to see what others know. Can you help me sort this out?

drafteventer 06-26-2010 05:49 PM

I didn't think that spotted draft was a breed, i thought the registration was just to preserve a rare color in draft breeds but I'm not an expert haha. So I searched it on google and found the NASDHA website North American Spotted Draft Horse Association or maybe this site will help?
I would check those out and see if there's any info there.
Sorry if that doesn't help!

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