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wren 06-27-2010 05:58 PM

OW! (bandaged and ranting)
Well, i have had my first real horse injury (besides bruises and bumps from falling off) and its no fun!
a couple of days ago my friend, who is a professional horse photographer, said she would take pictures of my boy and I in exchange for helping her with a movie. Sounds like an awesome deal right?
So we pull up to her fancy barn, all clean and ready to go. I am tacking up Samson, when all of a sudden a guy comes zooming by from behind samson with a ride-on mower...the less than 3 feet from his butt! I mean, this guy works at a farm, he doesn't know to not do that right around a strange horse? Of course Samson was less than thrilled and started pulling on his lead. I grabbed his halter to calm him and down and keep him from a.0 falling b.0 jumping around more0 and c.0 breaking something.
well, he managed to calm down (from a baby rear) right on my left foot. I could tell something wasn't exactly right in my boot, but we've all been stepped on right? So i figure i will ride anyway and check it out later. My friend takes pictures (i hope to post some later this week) and all is well....UNTIL i take off my boot. My sock is all bloody and when i take it off i see that between the force, the weight, and Samson's pretty new shoes, my big toenail is mostly off and askew. EWWWW!!!!

After five hours at the hospital (my husband kept calling it the "horsepital") i am now toenailless, bandaged and grounded. I go back tomorrow to get it checked out but for now the dr. said i should wait a week or so for more saddle or running time. boo. I just hope its better by the 5th since we have a cross-country schooling day planned.

So should i call the BO of the fancy place and tell her to say something to the lawnmower guy? i just wouldn't want him to startle any other horses like that.....

xdrybonesxvalleyx 06-27-2010 06:30 PM

I would definetely make sure the BO is aware this happened and she can take the measures necessary to properly educate this man about how to behave on a farm with horses.

As for the injury, I'm sorry! However, be aware that toenails and fingernails do come off with injury. I actually had my big toenails removed due to a ingrown toenail that was absolutely terrible, and if the doctor hasn't told you, soak it in a good bit of epsom salt in warm water will definetely help with your healing.

Shoes x_X

farmpony84 06-27-2010 08:16 PM

Ouchie. I'm sorry about your big toe-nail! Ouchie.

franknbeans 06-27-2010 08:44 PM

Do you think maybe he didn't see you? Were you perhaps in a place where horses usually aren't at this barn? Just a thought. Hope your toe is better soon, and yes, it probably is worth a mention to the BO if you think he saw you.

devildogtigress 06-29-2010 08:41 AM

Yes, I'd call as a concerned person. I'd let BO know you're not looking for compensation, etc, but that as a concerned horseperson you thought she should know as a less experience horseperson may have been hurt far worse in that situation.

I'm SO sorry about your injury. That bites. I hope you feel better soon, heal quickly, and are back in the saddle in time for your CC day (that sounds like SO much fun!).

ryssa1229 07-09-2010 04:16 AM

Ouch,that happened to me last summer!Except my boy was being a greedy glutten and wanted grass and felt the urge to stomp on m foot when I pulled him away.There was a HUGE bruise under my big toenail and ridges left in it from his hoof,and a chunk of it eventually broke off.It kept breaking too,which was VERY annoying (it looked stupid every time I went to get a pedicure,pieces would be missing).In a way you're lucky,because your toenail will grow back in nice and new and won't look deformed like mine did. XD

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