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SilverStallion 06-28-2010 12:44 PM

Thunder Storm reaction.
I am not really sure if this is the right place to post this so apologies in advance if it isn't.

I was wondering how your horses react when there is a storm?
Do they get jumpy? Do they get sleepy? ...

Please could you also specify the breed of your horse.

Thank you in advance for all your replies,

Poco1220 06-28-2010 01:05 PM

My paint acts like there's nothing at all going on. Unless I put him in the barn he won't even go into shelter, he just stands out and continues to graze completely nonchalantly. He also lived at a gun shooting range for an entire summer at one point tho so he could care less about big noises.

SilverStallion 06-28-2010 01:09 PM

Thats quite understandable :-)


Cheshire 06-28-2010 01:27 PM

I've noticed it seems to depend on the horse. Some go along with it, others will react to the loudness/the charge of energy in the air. Both of mine obviously don't like thunderstorms, but they don't loose their heads either. Sometimes the gelding will run around off and on in a feel-good sort of fashion, interspersed with eating and napping. lol

These guys are both Arabians. The gelding in particular is a "hot" and willful horse.

SilverStallion 06-28-2010 01:31 PM


Has anyone ever been in a thunder storm whilst you're in the saddle?
How have the horse(s) behaved when they are "working"? (even if it was a trail ride)?

Frankiee 06-28-2010 02:03 PM

I was riding my horse once and a storm was blooing in. She was extremly jumpy and was not concetrating on what I was asking anymore. There wasnt even thunder, but she's always been a very jumpy mare. I was force to get off cause she was becomming harder and harder to control.

kassierae 06-28-2010 02:21 PM

My guys don't do anything. They continue on whatever they were doing beforehand. Except Chopper, he uses it as an excuse to be a goof. We have four paints, three appaloosas, a thoroughbred, a shetland and a halflinger. I have had to show in a thunderstorm in an outdoor arena. Annie behaved herself quite perfectly, and we actually took home reserve champion for the day.

Hunter65 06-28-2010 02:23 PM

We were riding in thunder last weekend. Every time we started to tack up the thunder would roll in. Neither of the horses were bothered by it. One is a 6 year old paint and the other a 5 years old QH.

SilverStallion 06-28-2010 03:21 PM

Thank you all for your quick replies.

Congratulations for the reserve champion kassierae.

Frankiee: what breed was your horse?

Thanks once again.

Speed Racer 06-28-2010 03:29 PM

My 'crazy' Arabians and TB are very nonchalant about thunder, lightning, and downpours.

If the rain's really heavy they'll stand under a tree or go into a stall until it slows down, but none of them lose their minds and go careening about if a storm blows in.

I've gotten caught in storms while out riding. The horse doesn't get antsy, but I do! :-P

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