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Paint Mom 06-28-2010 03:29 PM

Hello, I'm new!
Hello everyone,

I've been reading through all the forums for quite some time, and I've decided it's time to create an account!

I am a 32 year old 6th grade school teacher, riding instructor, horse trainer, and barn owner on the side. I live in a beautiful town in WA.

I have a 6 year old daughter who is just as horse crazy as me, a 2 year old son, and a 3 month old baby girl! Oh ya, and my hubby's here with us as well:)

I live and breath Paints. Currently I only have 12. Which may seem like a lot, but when you use them to pay the bills, that's not a lot!

I won't list all of them, but I will list my 3 personal ones! Perfect is my 10 year old breeding stock paint mare. Misty is my 6 year old sorrel overo mare. And Dakota is my 8 year old buckskin overo stud.

My horses do everything, both in and out of the arena. Currently 10 of them are western and only 2 are english. Each horse has something they specialize in; for example 5 are lesson horses, they do a whatever they need to (reining, cutting, jumping, dressage, etc.), then I have a reiner, a western pleasure horse, a dressage horse, a roper, a barrel racer, and a cutter. The filly I have will probably be sold as a reiner/cow horse once I've got her showing more. So right now, I'm showing everything, but the lesson horses...In between everything else. Luckily I don't have to go out of town for the shows!

Through a variety of techniques I've found some unique methods that work very well for the horses I own, and for clients. I like finding new methods, and learning a variety of things, even if I will nver use them!

If get time away from my horses and teaching, I enjoy teaching, writing, and reading poetry, Skiing, and Snowboarding. Like I said "if", which in my life is not often!

I hope to meet some new people on hear, and learn a bunch of new things!


SilverStallion 06-28-2010 03:40 PM

Welcome to the forum! :-)

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