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ilyTango 06-29-2010 11:25 AM

Would it be unreasonable to ask for another horse?
I'm posting this here because it ties very closely to trail riding and my recent thread: . Now bear with me-all my initial posts are long.

Tango needs constant exercise. She is not the kind of horse you can just ride for an hour a day, put her away, and expect that to tire her out. You couldn't ride her for three hours and expect it to tire her out, even across country. I mean, this day I'll have her slightly calmed down, and then I never want to get off because it just means tomorrow I'll have to start the battle all over again. What I would love to do is just cowboy her across the entire township. Have any of you wanted to simply keep riding just to see where you end up? It would be so awesome just to spend the entire summer, like, 6 hours or more in the saddle (oh boy, I'd be so sore the first few days =P) just exploring. Take water and lunch in saddle bags and picnic somewhere...

I'd like to spend the summer that way (when I'm not working, of course) but I've also been thinking and I'd really like to have someone with me. Tango is fairly chill and isn't stupid. I can say pretty honestly that she's not going to severely spook (if something scares her she usually just sidesteps then continues on) or throw me or anything, but you never know what's going to happen, so it would be safer and probably more fun to have a second person and horse. Few people around here have riding horses and if they do they're too lazy to go with me. The only friend I have who owns a horse boards it an hour away and it's also a 17 HH jumping horse who is used to staying in an arena. I think we both know that it would probably spook at everything out in the wide world, or it (who is as hot-headed as Tango but not so trail-experienced) would go psycho or something.

I've been thinking, and I really want another horse. I'm pretty sure the friend with the horse would be happy to spend all day riding with me, but she doesn't have a horse she can bring. Now I get to the point of my post: Would it be unreasonable to ask for another horse? Right now we have way too many horses, and Tango is the only one who is used. I ride her almost every day, but dad's got three (for some obscure reason, because he never uses them) who are lucky to leave their field once a month D=< and my sister and her boyfriend keep their filly here as well. My sis bought the filly because she was jealous that I'd gotten a horse, and instead of buying a good, old, well-broke horse that she could learn on (she's only ever ridden our tiny, ancient pony like 5 years ago) that would put up with her beginner crap, she went out and bought a yearling filly because it was the cheapest thing she could get at the auction, and now the horse stands in our field and hasn't been visited by her owners since...what now? March? And before that November. As well, my sister is AFRAID of her, so yeah, this horse is never going to get broke and is going to be a useless hunk of meat standing in our barn eating our hay. Why is it fair that more than half of our horses barely get attention from their owners (well, at least my dad brushes and pets them and bothers to look at them, unlike my sister) and it would be bratty and spoiled for me to get another, who I will actually use? Even if I had the money, we barely have the space to keep another horse. 4 was about our limit, and for some reason we drag more useless, spooky, half-broke things in and plunk them in the field. My parents would probably be angry if I asked them to buy me another, yet everyone is also angry if I suggest selling one or two of the horses nobody uses so that we can get a good old deadbroke horse.

If you were my parent, what would you be thinking when I asked? If I told you everything I just stated above, would you see reason? A new horse and the tack is expensive, I know, but how much worse can it be that spending $1200 on each unused, ridiculous horse that dad currently brings home? Oh, as well as new harness and horse-drawn machinery and everything else that he feels compelled to buy at each sale. I know we're not poor, and if they wanted we probably could afford another horse, but I feel bratty asking.

Alwaysbehind 06-29-2010 11:31 AM

I see nothing wrong with asking.

I am sure it will get you not points at all if you ask and include that you need a new horse because they are paying for all these useless horses for everyone else so you deserve to have more horses too. :wink: Which is a short version of what you wrote.

ilyTango 06-29-2010 11:35 AM

Lol. I like posting in this section because the responses are always so fast =)

But anyways, you think then that it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask? I already know I'm spoiled (I'm the youngest and my siblings have all moved out) but I don't want to take it for granted and just be all: "Buy me another horse, Bittemin! Saddle up my horse, Bittemin, I feel like riding today." I'm afraid I'm not very good at NOT being a selfish brat though:?

Alwaysbehind 06-29-2010 11:51 AM

There is a huge cavernous difference between asking and expecting.

I see nothing wrong with a well thought out question requesting something (as long as this is not the 963 time you have asked for the same thing).

Getting upset and having a tantrum if they say no, that is something else.

Do you really need new tack? You do not have any other tack around?

ilyTango 06-29-2010 11:58 AM

No, we've only got the one saddle and bridle for Tango. My dad's horses use harness, so you can't really ride in that. I mean, it would break my bank account, but I could pay for the tack like I did Tango's (dad bought the horse, I bought the tack).

I see what you mean about the asking and expecting. I won't be throwing a tantrum if they say no, rest assured. I'd be surprised if they even said yes.

corinowalk 06-29-2010 12:07 PM

The only thing that I can see is that you want another horse to do trail riding...but doesn't tango trail ride already? Are you looking for a really well broke horse? Or a friend to join you on trail?

Either way, asking your parents for another horse is ok. The worst that can happen is that they say no. However, they could also ask you to sell your horse first.

Alwaysbehind 06-29-2010 12:09 PM

I read it that another horse is wanted so a friend can join in on the trail riding.

corinowalk 06-29-2010 12:10 PM

ahhh that makes more sense. How about getting one of your dads drafts going under saddle? Is that a possibility?

ilyTango 06-29-2010 12:48 PM

Yeah, I wanted another so I could get someone to go trail riding with me. None of his horses are saddle-broke, and quite frankly, even if they were I wouldn't trust any of them. =\ Unusually for drafts, they're really spooky and high-strung...well, then again, they're crossbreds and not full drafts either.

ilyTango 06-29-2010 12:51 PM

Or, yes, if I could actually FIND someone who wanted to go riding I would gladly accept, and therefore not ask for another horse. However, no one else wants to do the hard-core, all day riding. I only just seems like I ONLY want the other horse so I can take it out with Tango, but I actually would ride it and keep it exercised; it wouldn't just be a hay-burning lump the rest of the time. That would be rather hypocritical of me.

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