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luvmyperch 06-30-2010 09:16 AM

Feeding Program for Ulcers
I know there have been a few discussion on this, but I'm still getting a headache trying to understand all the nutritional needs to consider!! Danny colicked last week, most likely from ulcers. I had him on ulcergard for three weeks prior, two weeks with a full tube, one week with a half tube. Stopped the Friday prior to his colic, which was last Tuesday night. Vet recommended putting him back on the ulcergard for at least two more weeks with a full tube.

I want to change his feed from the barn's sweet feed that he was getting, to a low NSC diet. I've looked at Seminole Wellness Perform Safe and Complete Safe, but have trouble getting them in my area. I also like Buckeye Safe N Easy pellets. In talking to our rep at the feed store, he is recommending no grain, and using Buckeye's Gro N Win ration balancer with Ultimate Finish stabilized rice bran (about 2 lbs per day of each). He gets free choice hay and is turned out from 5:00 pm - 7:00 am. Feedings are twice a day, at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. He's getting ulcergard just before he gets turned out, and I'm giving him 2cc's of Pro-CMC before being ridden.

Thoughts, suggestions? My trainer would like to see him stay on some kind of grain, to give him energy (he's typically ridden 5 days a week) and he really needs to add to his topline.

Peggysue 06-30-2010 03:59 PM

I would go with the rep only I would do 1 or 1 1/2 lbs of the Gro N Win add in alittle alfalfa pellets/cubes/or hay (suppose to help sooth ulcers) with just a regular rice bran instead of hte ultimate finish :) save yourself some money

you can also add calories with beet pulp.

so when you read ingreidnet list you want NO oats, corn or barley

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